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light table

Proper illumination of your billiard table is essential in playing billiards accurately. If your billiard light is hung to high it will cause a glare in the players eye and if it is hung to low your pool cue may hit it. Also improper billiard light height will cause shadows on your pool table and which will result in inaccurate shots. Here are some tips on hanging your billiard light to ensure proper pool table light height:

-Your billiard lamp should illuminate your table only and not the rest of your room.

-The billiard light must be centered along the billiard table lengthwise. You can use the middle white diamond at the end of your table as a guide to help center the light.

-The average height of your billiard lamp should be 36″ above the playing surface or bed of your billiard table to the bottom of your billiard light shade. At this stage you can adjust your billiard table light in order to ensure full illumination of your pool table only. When your adjusting the height of your billiard lamp turn off all lights in your room except your pool table light and adjust the light so there are no shadows on your table.

-A popular and more general way in determining optimum light height is to hang the light so the bottom of your billiards lamp is level with the bridge of the your nose.

-If you want to install your lamp before your billiards table has arrived measure between 62 and 70 inches from the floor, and you can adjust your light precisely when your billiard table is installed. Use the bridge of your nose as a gage. 65″ from the floor-up- to the bottom of your billiard lighting fixture is average but a smaller table may be 62″ from the floor up and 70″ might be needed for a larger table.

By Denise E McDonald

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energy efficient lighting

As the pressure piles on to save energy, reduce carbon footprints and generally go as green as possible to save the planet, we all need to be able to advise customers on the best way to achieve energy efficiencies.

There are a lot electrical fittings can do to help customers save energy by choosing the right lighting solution. Not only will this benefit the customer, but it also provides you with an opportunity to grow your business.

If you were to put a checklist together for energy saving measures, lighting has to be at the top of the list for the simple reason that it accounts for 20% of all electrical energy usage.

Certainly homeowners looking to sell their property will need to look at the energy efficiency of their lighting: the Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) required as part of Home Information Packs (HIPs) include lighting. While for owners of older properties, improving the efficiency of the lighting may be one of the easiest ways to make a start on improving their home’s energy rating.

For commercial properties, lighting accounts for 50% of all energy usage. And with EPCs for commercial premises due to come into force from April next year, energy efficient lighting solutions will definitely be under the spotlight in 2008.

Incandescent lamps waste 95% of the energy they consume as heat. If that weren’t sufficient argument to look at alternatives, the fact that the EU plans to ban GLS lamps from 2009 is going to force the issue. There is, in fact, already a huge demand for energy efficient compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) to replace incandescents, which is bringing the price down.

There are still many misconceptions about low energy lamps: people often think they take too long to light up, they can’t be dimmed or they flicker and that they are more expensive. While that may be the case with cheap products, good quality brands now deliver lamps that will last up to 15 times longer than conventional incandescent lamps and consume up to 80% less energy. One thing you can reassure your customers is that technology and aesthetics are improving all the time and there are now low-energy alternatives to fit all lights with E14 and E27 type lamps.

Energy saving halogen lamps offer another light source. These will often retrofit into existing lamp holders and offer energy savings of up to 65% compared to incandescents and 30% over existing halogen lamps. They produce a dimmable bright white light, which many people prefer to the light output from CFLs.

In commercial premises, the opportunities for savings are generally higher. Fluorescent luminaires account for 80% of lighting on commercial premises and are generally used because they combine high luminous output with low power consumption. Simply replacing T12 and T8 halophosphor tubes with triphosphor fluorescents could save up to 30% in energy terms. They also have a longer life, higher lumen maintenance over time and better colour rendering.

Well designed light fittings can boost energy savings further. By focussing the light where it is needed you need fewer lamps and, when designing a lighting system, using ceilings, walls and floors to reflect light can further reduce the number of luminaires needed. More savings – up to 20% – can be achieved by changing from conventional switch start control gear to high frequency. This gives a flicker-free start and lighting, automatic shutdown of failed lamps and silent operation. High frequency control gear also needs less maintenance as it is all in one unit.

Other simple steps that can cut down on the energy consumed by lighting include fitting dimmers or time lag switches but, for real savings, we should look at more sophisticated types of lighting control. In just about every family there is at least one member who doesn’t seem to realise that light switches have an ‘off’ as well as an ‘on’ function and in offices it seems to be taken for granted that lights will be on all day, every day, regardless of occupancy.

If people won’t turn off the lights, install a system that does it for them. PIR occupancy sensors switch lighting on or off and can be hard wired into either the luminaires or the marshalling box that supplies power to a group of luminaires.

This alone can save energy but go one step further and you have an occupancy system that incorporates a photocell that switches the lighting off if there is enough natural light ‘ or, with a digital lighting control system, one that enables luminaires to dim up and down in response to changing light levels. Digital control systems can achieve energy savings of up to 70% and they maximise lamp life because rather than turning off in response to bright daylight, they just dim down to about 10%.

We all recognise the need to save energy and with some of these simple steps we can help customers reap the benefits of going green.

By Richard E Davies

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t5 lighting

If you have a standard freshwater aquarium, you should replace the fluorescent light bulbs once per year or when they burn out; whichever happens first. When the light bulb becomes older, the color spectrum begins to shift. Although it is not apparent to the eye because the changes are so subtle, it will cause algae to grow in your aquarium. Another tip is if your light fixture is not working anymore, it might actually be a bad starter. This can be replaced in less than a minute and does not cost very much. Where as a new light can cost $20 to $50 depending on where you buy it. You can also reduce algae growth by having proper filtration and running your lights on a timer.

If you a have a planted aquarium and plan to keep sword plants or other aquatic ferns, then you should consider T5 lights or power compact lighting. Power compact lighting is older technology and is less efficient. Compact fluorescent bulbs need to be replaced every six months because the spectrum changes and they lose their power. Most aquariums will have 65 watt or 96 watt power compact bulbs. Each bulb can be purchased online for about $25 to $50. This is a fairly high maintenance cost. Whereas with T5 lighting you get a more intense bulb and the average 54 watt bulb costs about $25. The biggest advantage is each bulb only needs to be replaced once per year. You will probably find that a T5 fixture costs a little bit more to buy, but in the long run you will save a lot of money on bulb replacement costs. Many people simply compare watts and think power compact is more intense, but that is not the case.

There clear winner is T5 lighting as it is far more efficient and produces more intense light. There are also many more bulb choices. When selecting a bulb for your planted aquarium you should consider a bulb with a rating of 3,000k to 6,500k for maximum growth. This yellow and red spectrum of light helps the plants perform photosynthesis. You may also mix in a 10,000k bulb to help offset the yellow with a little bit more white. You won’t sacrifice very much power going from a 6,500k bulb to a 10,000k bulb. Therefore, I highly recommend T5 Lighting for freshwater planted aquariums as it will be the best option for many years.

By Jacob Hagberg

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lighting canada

Great strides have been made in LED technology in recent years, and Canada is no stranger to recognizing its potential and employing its capabilities to light homes and businesses nationwide. Solar lighting has also enjoyed an increase in use. The unlimited and renewable energy of the sun is the ideal source to power lights found in gardens, along sidewalks, and over porches.

For some time, the appeal of LED lighting suffered due to its lack of luminosity relative to halogen lighting. Today, not only has LED lighting technology closed the gap between itself and halogen lighting significantly, it has nearly doubled the efficiency. LEDs capable of producing more than 100 lumens per watt are currently available. MAG Instrument Company, manufacturers of the popular MAGLite Flashlight, has even replaced the popular halogen bulbs in its flashlights with LED bulbs. Not bad for a technology originally designed simply to indicate valid power supplies.

In Mississauga, Ontario, Morguard Properties replaced many of the standard 90-watt and 120-watt bulbs in their offices with 30 LED lights. Because LEDs are much more efficient and operate on lower voltage, they are responsible for only 1/3 of the energy consumption in standard bulbs. The LED initiative in Mississauga is led by Therese Gould, an interior designer who has teamed with Burton Lighting Network to spread the word about the benefits of LED lighting. Their plan is to upgrade the lighting in additional corporate offices in the future to show businesses just how much they can save on operating costs by making the switch to LEDs.

Residentially, Canada is making a push to promote renewable energy by increasing the use of solar lighting in homes. Though relying on solar energy alone to power their homes is still a work in progress, residents in Canada have turned to solar lights for track lighting, brightening the garage, or shedding light on the back porch on a warm summer evening.

Best of all, these lights require no power source whatsoever. Small solar panels within the solar lights absorb the sun’s rays during the day to charge a battery, which in turn lights up the bulb when the sun disappears. No power supply or timers are needed. With the number of high pressure systems that move through Canada, there is virtually an endless supply of the sun’s renewable energy to charge these small, yet charming light sources. As Canada continues to develop and integrate efficient renewable energies into its power supply, LEDs and solar lighting will certainly be a part of the movement.

By Robert Eckard

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spot light

Solar spot lights are a great way to add accent lighting to hard to access areas. Whether you have security issues, want to show off a favorite plant or tree, or are looking to add pizazz to your holiday light display, there’s a solar light that’s perfect for the job. Traditional spot lights can be expensive to operate, while solar spot lights are free to use after the initial investment. This makes them an economical and energy efficient option for many home owners.

Solar lights generally operate by collecting solar energy throughout the day. The energy is collected by solar cells and store in a battery for later use. After the sun goes down, the lights run on this battery power throughout the evening and into the night. Solar spot lights are no different.

If there are areas of your lawn, yard, or landscaping that are difficult to access with traditional wiring techniques, a solar spot light may be the perfect solution. By using a solar light, you eliminate the need for wiring and electrical cables. Instead, the solar collector is simply staked into the ground. Solar lights are extremely convenient and easy to install for this very reason.

If you’ve been looking for affordable accent lighting for your yard, patio, or holiday display, you may want to consider a solar spot light. These easy to install lights are environmentally friendly and extremely energy efficient. Their one step installation makes them a do-it-yourselfer’s dream. Save money on your electric bill by adding solar accent lights to your lawn today.

By Armand Hadife

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fan with light

A man named Cornelius Celsus once said “Live in rooms that are full of light.” Altogether it sounds like a great idea though I am sure he might have been talking in a metaphor at the time. Even still let’s run with the verbal meaning.

Light is a very essential part of our lives. Without the power to produce light in our homes at night we would have difficulty getting anything finished. Several of us have lights in every room but do all of them utilize ceiling fans or a ceiling fan light combination? The ceiling fan light fixture appears on of the most necessary region of the room. This is because it gives light when we need it and the fan keeps us comfortable during the summertime.

If you have a room in your home that simply has a light fixture or a fan that does not have a light linked to it then it is time to upgrade it. There are numerous contrasting types and designs of them for you to select from that are able to match almost any theme you already have in your house or office.

If you are searching for a high quality fan that will work with all your needs try setting up a Hunter ceiling fan light or the Hampton Bay ceiling fan light. These companies are known for having extremely popular fixtures that are really quiet and function very well.

Hampton Bay ceiling fan lights are also really easy to put in. Nobody enjoys to pay the fees it costs for a professional to come and set up small fixtures. These fixtures will come available with a unique Quick Connection installation system that will make the procedure simple.

By Naomi West

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light shades

Contemporary lighting tends to take care of lamp shades for us. Modern lamps, especially desk lamps, tend to include a shade. But what about more traditional lamps, where you can change the feel of not only that light, but the entire room simply by choosing your shades carefully?

Of course, light shades do have an obvious function: they prevent light from being too harsh and they distribute the light around the room. However, they are very often selected on the basis of their looks than their functionality: they are really just another factor to consider in the aesthetics and decoration of your home.

There are a number of different types of lamps shades that could be used. They include antique, silk, hand painted, paper and glass. The type that you choose will obviously depend on personal taste. However, you do of course need to ensure that lamp shades are appropriate for the room they’re in. A huge shade in a small or modestly proportioned room will make the room feel smaller; likewise a tiny shade in a large room will go unnoticed. If there is a colour scheme in the room already, lamp and light shades should fit in, or at least not clash, with this.

You should also make sure that lamp or light shades match with the bases they will be attached to. Size is an important factor. The lamp shades should be appropriate for the base so that it doesn’t look top or bottom heavy. Of course, colours of shades and bases should match or complement each other.

By Jess Moss

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room lighting

Having the right types of living room lighting can help you to achieve some pretty amazing effects in your home. Whether your goal is to make the area seem larger or more defined, you can do that by putting in the right types of fixtures and using the right types of bulbs. One great thing about this is that not only will you be transforming the ambience of the room, you will also be spicing it up with new and interesting fixtures. The best part though, is the fact that it is extremely inexpensive to do this.

Are you aware of all the different types of living room lighting styles that are available for very cheap? You could be after a fancy standalone lamp or something that will sit neatly on a console table, or you might be interested in modern sconces adorning your walls. Either way, you can do quite a bit without spending much more than $100, and doing so will make even the rattiest looking sofas look like brand new pieces of furniture. Ultimately, the right lighting will be able to make everything you own look better than ever.

If you are trying to make the living room look bigger than it actually is, then you’ll want to arrange the lights in such a way that promote movement. In other words, you need to think about putting them in places that will permeate the rest of the home. This has a very nice effect and can make even the tiniest rooms seem bigger than they are. On the other hand, if you have a very open floor plan and want to make each area seem more like a defined room, then you should select more bold lighting options.

By placing sharply contrasting lights in the different sections of your home, you will give off the illusion that the areas are separate. This technique is even more effective than painting the walls different colors, surprisingly. This works wonders when the living room is right next to the dining room or the kitchen. Either way, you should never have to spend much money to get the effect that you are after, and it’s a lot less expensive than anything else you could do for similar results.

By Mark J Sinclair

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architectural lighting

Architecture has been one of the oldest and one of the most sought after professions in the older as well as the modern times of our existence, and that is why it commands such high regard amongst the elite circles of our society. Architectural lighting is an added dimension that has been seen of late to the field, and it adds a lot more depth to the whole process of designing up a piece of property. Architecture, if tastefully done, can really conjure up magic, and that is precisely why people shell out the kind of money that they do in making their home a perfect haven for themselves and for the people who visit them.

Chandelier lighting is perhaps one of the newest and one of the most chic trends in the market today if you want to give your house that old world feel. As they say, if a room has a chandelier in it, it is bound to look regal, no matter the house looks like a mansion or not. The saying is completely apt, because the fact remains that chandeliers are a peace of regalia in their own right and that is why most people have taken up on this new trend like hot cakes.

Chandelier lighting is gaining popularity because in this form of lighting, a lot of imminent colors reflect out and give the room a natural and dazzling feeling, which adds to the décor in your house, making it look stunning. Chandeliers these days come in a whole variety, with every individual piece being done up in silver or ornate, thereby making the lighting even more authentic and breath taking. A chandelier has always had people’s admiration, and that is precisely why the lighting has such an effect on the people who see it.

This form of lighting can be classified in to the specialty lighting techniques, which are basically a set of special forms through which you can illuminate your home with a different yet attractive way of decoration. An increasing number of people have started using specialty lighting in their homes, just so they get that different feel that will make their house have a personality of its own, as the lighting in a house can often play havoc if its not done up tastefully.

One of the unique things about chandelier lighting is that it makes the room look spacious, and thereby it gives a feeling that your house has a bigger area than it actually does. So by having a chandelier on your living room ceiling, you are not only adding décor to the living room, but you are also adding a sense of space to the whole area, which is a marvelous illusion in itself. It is up to you as to what form of lighting you use at your place, but specialty lighting ought to be given more than just a thought.

By Yachi Verma

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modern wall lights

Traditional brass bars bearing three opal glass lamps; black chrome with crystal drops; colored ribbons etched onto curved glass – you’ll come across everyone of these in our range of modern day wall lighting. If you want something more daring, take a look at the contemporary wall lights now available on the market, where you will find glass shades manipulated into amazing shapes, stunning orange decorated circles surmounted with opal lights, and black curved glass with red center design.

So, what is in a name? Well, modern day lighting is a little more conventional when compared to a lot of the contemporary lights. In case you would rather your illumination much more on the restrained side, you will more than likely source what you’re attempting to find among the many modern or traditional light fixtures.

The contemporary designs will usually have been created by high quality, occasionally rather avant gardes creative designers and, when a design and style is certainly well-observed, the light fitting can cross all taste boundaries, appealing to devotees of conventional wall lights in addition to aficionados of more outgoing variations.

A lot of creative designers, particularly individuals who work for the more upmarket lighting houses, work with special elements like Venetian and Murano glass. It’s certain when you begin by using a material which is elegant in its own right, the completed design will also be beautiful. Wall sconces like these have a resemblance to miniature works of art and will often represent an investment, without doubt when considering your internal decoration. Effective design is hardly ever out of vogue..

Even when your desire is for classic lighting, you will discover custom items that cross those boundaries too; antique wall lights having contemporary perspective.

By Duncan Munday

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