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Pot Lights Pics

Lighting is a key element in any design. It helps to set the ambiance and tone for a room and provides light for necessary tasks. In the kitchen, it is critical as this is not only a room where you gather, but also one where you do the important work of preparing and serving meals.

The method of lighting you choose for your kitchen is critical and florescent lighting in particular is a huge no-no. These lights, while handy, create a harsh light and are not at all interesting. Consider using a decent dome or chandelier instead. A fascinating chandelier works fabulous over the dining space.

Today, pot lights are a terrific option in kitchen lighting design. These are fantastic for overhead lighting, but usually you will also wish to provide some task lighting too. As they are recessed into the ceiling they don’t clash with your decorating scheme. You can use them to have an even lighting affect. These lights may be turned so that they illuminate chosen areas.

An important thing to consider when implementing kitchen lighting design is the arrangement of the lights. You need to make sure to deploy the lights where it will be needed the most. If your house has a kitchen with an eating area, you have to be positive that each part is separately lit. Try to get even, moderate lighting but steer clear of over lighting, which can sometimes be harsh and produce ample heat. You should consider a dimmer switch that will allow you to control the ambiance in the room.

Pendant lighting is usually very pretty when placed over an island area. They can be found in many distinct lengths and styles to match any kitchen. Installed on the ceiling, pendant lights hang down and directly brighten a particular area.

Another thing you will need to think about in your kitchen lighting design is task lighting. Now, this can be accomplished with pot lights, but there are other spots where task lighting should not be overlooked. In places where you mainly prepare food, under counter lighting is suitable. This form of lighting can basically be installed by the homeowner. The light up the food preparation area. They brighten your counter accessories when you are not using the counter top.

There are several choices when it comes to kitchen lighting design. Try to make use of lighting that enhances your room design. Your lighting should be decorative as well as useful. Purchasing the best lighting can be fun and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you put your own personal touch on your lighting design.

By Lee Dobbins

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Patio Lighting Pics

Have you wanted more from the patio lights on your RV, but just didn’t know how to make them brighter? Have you stumbled across your patio for lack of light? Is it bright enough to cook at night?

As you gain experience, you find that those exterior lights on your RV are both useful and a pain. They can make the area outside your RV pleasant and useful in the evening, and they sometimes offer protection. But when they just are not bright enough to be useful, or the outside lights attract flying insects, or if they drain your batteries or melt the fixture lenses because you left them ON all-night, you may decide they are just not worth the bother.

That’s not right. Your rig already has a set of standard patio fixtures; they belong to you; you paid for them, so you expect to get something in return. What can you do to make them worthwhile?

When LED lighting became a part of my RV life, I succeeded in cutting down my electrical power usage while boondocking. I fully equipped the interior of my RV with LED lighting, and could suddenly stay out on the desert until my tanks filled. In the process I began to experiment with using RV LED lights in my patio fixtures and learned a bundle.

* The standard Bargman patio fixture uses the same incandescent bulb as my ceiling fixtures. That meant I could install LED replacements outside as well as inside.

* I tried different LEDs in different weather and driving conditions. They survived as well as incancescent bulbs.

* Those fixtures with the hot 1156 bulbs required that I replace the lenses when they melted. The new lenses stayed cool with the LEDs.

* Flying insects moved over to the warmer, incandescent bulbs on other trailers around me. Bugs were not interested in the LED light.

* I replaced the fluorescent tubes and ballast in my Thinlite patio fixture with a fLEDescent and had much better light.

* With configurable zipLED lighting, I increased the light level where I needed more light. Suddenly I could see well enough to do things.

* I removed the hot 1295 incandescent bulb from my scare-light and added LED LightSticks to reach the light level I wanted.

My experiments using RV LEDs in the patio environment were a total success.

RVs have three basic types of patio lights. The first is a single bulb fixture (for example Bargman) with either a 912 glass wedge bulb or a 1141 bayonet bulb. Both burn about 1.4 amps of electricity at 12.8-volts DC and produce about 280 lumens of light when new. They produce less light when covered with a yellow lens and even less when they age. Some people want more light so they put a 1156 bulb into their fixtures. It uses 2.1 amps to produce 400 lumens of light when new. It gets so hot it has become known as the “lense-melter.”

The second type of patio fixture is a fluorescent patio light, like the 162 from Thinlite. It uses two F8T5 tubes to provide about 800 lumens of light using 1.5 amps at 12-volts. It, too, most often comes with a yellow lens cover, supposedly to keep the bugs at bay.

The third type of exterior light fixture is the round 8-inch “scare-light” seen high on the sides of some RVs. Its standard is a 1295 incandescent bulb that burns 3.5 amps at 12.5-volt to produce an initial 629 lumens, dropping to less than 400 as the bulb ages.

LEDs can replace them all, for an 80% savings in power and a 100% increase in usable light.

Ask yourself, “Are the patio lights on my rig bright enough to be useful?” Most patio light fixtures equipped with a single incandescent bulb like an 1141 or 912 are just not bright enough. You may be able to see to get around, but you don’t really have enough light to cook.

On the bother side, the lights most often left ON all night are the ones you don’t see: the patio lights outside your door on the side of your rig and in the rear of the coach. If you still have those incandescent bulbs installed, they typically use 1 to 1.5 amps each, and in 12 hours could suck out 18 amp-hours per light of the power stored in your battery. That is over a third of the 50 amp-hours you can safely pull from a typical type-27 battery before doing it damage. If you leave four or five bulbs ON, you can find your house batteries exhausted the next morning.

But what happens when you replace the incandescent bulbs with LEDs and then forget to turn the lights OFF when you go to bed. An LED replacement for an 1141 or 921 bulb will draw only 0.14 amps, using only 1.7 amp-hours in 12 hours. Your batteries are safe.

An RV patio without LED lighting is like a dimly lit cave at night. You see enough to stumble about, but you cannot enjoy the beauty of the evening or make use of your patio.

Experienced RVers recommend that everyone use RV LED lighting in patio fixtures.

By Sam Penny

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Kitchen Lights Pics

Traditionally, the kitchen is the area where the cooking takes place. However these days it has become way more in functionality than that. It is now an area that is fully complementing the rest of the house, being an integral part of it all. A good, modern kitchen really adds value to any house design. And this includes proper kitchen lighting, so that the food can be done in the best conditions possible.

This is why it is important to choose very carefully when you buy the lighting source for your kitchen, so you get the best deal for what you need. It needs to give you good lighting and comfort for your eyes while working. Also it should enhance the look of your entire kitchen. Finally, the lighting fixture needs to be heat and smoke resistant, two elements that any kitchen usually has.

So first thing you need to decide is what you will be using your kitchen lights for. Will they be mostly for decorating purposes, for task illumination, or simply because, well, you need some kitchen lights? Your answer will give you the kickstart on buying the lights that mostly fit your needs. For example chandeliers are great for beautifying the kitchen. Task lighting is perfect when you need focused light to see what you’re doing when you’re cooking. Chopping off your fingers is a big no-no in anyone’s book. To have even lighting throughout your entire kitchen, have a few pendant light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. This can be a general purpose lighting source.

Also when you’re about to buy your light fixture, check the appliance for any cracks, scratches, or parts that are rusted. You need to find products that are durable and will last you for a long time. While they are not extremely expensive, they are not a very cheap investment either. You need to use that particular kitchen lighting for at least a good few years.

One of the best places to browse for kitchen light fixtures are online sources such as Amazon. It’s amazing how many designs you can find there and let’s be honest, they usually have the best offers and discounts around. You won’t find such low prices anywhere else.

By Jorge Duvais

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Halogen Lamp Pics

What’s driving the innovations?

Halogen lamps have now been around for a number of years. First invented in the late 1950s their increased popularity and widespread usage in multiple applications has seen production costs, and consequently prices, fall dramatically in recent years.

As the number of suppliers offering Tungsten Halogen lamps increases, and competition within the market sector intensifies, manufacturers are now seeking to gain competitive advantage through innovations in lamp technology.

Lamp Life

This was the first area in which engineers aimed to make improvements. Due to the luminous properties of Halogen lighting it is used in many retail environments in luminaries which can be hard to access. For this reason manufacturers wanted to offer a lamp which was not only more efficient but required less user maintenance. Most Mr16 Halogen lamps (those typically used in domestic situations) of just a few years ago lasted on average 2,500 hours. There are Halogen lamps now on the market that can boast a 10,000 hour life.

Energy Savers

The largest lighting expense is energy cost. General Electric, the inventors of the very first halogen lamp, sought to offer customers tangible cost benefits when in 2005 they introduced the GE Precise(TM) IR Energy Saving MR16 halogen lamp. Replacing a standard 50 watt MR16 with a 37 watt Precise(TM) IR will reduce energy consumption by 26%. It’s rated for 4,000 hours of life and is ideal for heat-sensitive applications.

UV filter Technology

UV Filter technology prevents unwanted UV components from being emitted in the light produced by halogen lamps. It is particularly effective in restricting the most harmful high energy UV-B and UV-C radiation, but also lessens the effects of low energy UV-A. It involves the ‘doping’ of the quartz envelope, which is enriched with UV absorbent material.

IRC Technology

Halogen IRC lamps represent one of the latest developments in halogen technology. Using an InfraRed Coating on the outside of the lamp, technicians improved luminous efficacy. This is due to the principle of ‘thermal recovery’, in which the heat, rather than dissipating, is reflected back onto the filament. The filament thus reaches operating temperature using less power.

Bulb Pinch Technology

This is a new manufacturing method applied to mains halogen lamps in which the filament is fixed in place within the envelope using glass knobs. As such they are not ‘free floating’, and able to withstand vibrations are more robust.

Halogen lamps in a low voltage environment have a consequently higher current and thus operate at higher temperatures. The filaments are therefore much thicker and do not require ‘pinch technology’.

Continual research and development by the leading manufacturers, including Osram, GE, Sylvania and Philips is leading to better quality, longer lasting, more efficient and safer lamps. This is fantastic news consumers, designers and lighting architects.

Please see my other articles on Halogen Lighting for more information.

By Darren Gilbert

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Chandelier Pics

When you think of a chandelier light, you may be mistaken in thinking that these are only the kind of things that you find in grand stately homes. Chandeliers do in fact come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes, and there is nothing to stop you from getting some form of chandelier for your home.

When you are considering a chandelier, you will find that when you start searching there are all kinds of different designs available. From the contemporary sleek designs, some even featuring LED lights to the traditional grand crystal chandeliers there is something to suit everyone’s tastes.

A couple of things that you need to consider when looking for the right chandelier light for your home is the structural capability of your ceiling to hold the weight of the chandelier and the height of your ceiling and how far down you want the light to dangle. Work out the maximum weight and size of the fitting you can accommodate in your home and then you will be able to narrow down your search to the right lights for your home.

Once you have found your perfect light, remember to keep it clean. These things do gather a lot of dust quite quickly and if you don’t keep on top of the cleaning required you will find that your light starts to dull. To keep them clean make sure you clean them with a damp cloth several times per year and you will be sure that you will have a well illuminated room all year round.

By Sheila Lightfoot

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Disco Lights Pics

Light is a form of energy that is radiated by charged particles in constant motion, which is visible to the naked eye. Light acts as both a particle and as a wave. The action of electrons is a source of most light emissions. Electrical lights are a universal lighting source. They are used during the night and for additional lighting during the day as well. These lights are powered by electric grids and are supported by generator backups in case of power failure. Disco lights are found at pubs and discotheques all over the world. They are party lights and could be used during the day as most venues are indoors or underground and rarely see the face of the sun. For this reason, whether night or day, disco lights are lit at all operational hours.

Disco lights are very unlike common light bulbs or tubes that are used at home and offices. This is because these lights are designed and intended to create a particular and conducive ambience at party places. For this reason, disco lights are usually very dim and available in multiple colors. A large number if disco lights are available as independent bulbs or in the form of rope lights. These lights operate in succession and offer a blinking sequence. Disco lights are available in red, blue, yellow, green, pink, and orange colors.

Apart from the smaller lights, they are also available in larger shaped bulbs that are reflected upon rotating crystal balls to create a twinkling effect. These lights are often attached to rotational motor devices, which permit disco lights to shine upon different people and corners to keep in tune with upbeat disco rhythms. Along with being placed at an elevation these lights are often placed at the pedestal next to the bar, along the dance floor and around bar stool legs. This is important in order to maintain dance themes and continuity. Disco lights are easily available at local electric stores and online shops.

By Marcus Peterson

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Mini Lights Pics

Every once in a while, we all have a decorating project where you want to light a display, wreath, or centerpiece but you just don’t have access to an outlet. Or perhaps you need to answer the question – how can you decorate with mini lights without a lot of cords running across the table?

The simple and sparkling solution is to use battery operated Christmas lights. These handy lights aren’t just for the holiday months though. They can be used for anniversary parties, proms, dinner parties, baby showers, birthday parties, bridal showers, and weddings, to name a few events.

Battery operated mini lights are the ideal decorating choice for all of your indoor holiday events. Buffet tables won’t be just basic anymore. To truly dazzle your guests at your next dinner party, use groupings of these mini lights in and around the punch bowl. The light will cast a beautiful reflection against the glass, especially if the lights are dimmed. In order to lend dimension and interest to your holiday table, elevate Christmas centerpieces behind the food items. Add light by weaving battery operated mini lights into the foliage, hiding the battery pack inside the vase or container. The dessert table will look elegant when decorated with sets of battery operated mini lights.

Wreaths of all sizes are used in homes throughout the year simply beg to be decorated with clear mini lights. Multiple sets of battery operated lights are ideal for this application since the battery packs can be attached to the back of the wreath and out of sight.

You can use wreaths to adorn the walls of every room of the home. They’re the perfect addition above the fireplace and can be changed out to match the seasons. The battery operated Christmas lights add a romantic bit of light to the room, as well. While you’re at it, use a set of these mini lights along the mantel too for added ambient lighting. Don’t forget to add battery operated lights to the Advent Wreath on the table or dining room sideboard during the Christmas season.

Do you have a fireplace but don’t want to mess with burning real logs? If you don’t have an outlet handy, use sets of battery operated mini lights nestled in and around artificial logs to add a warm glow to your sitting room, den, living area, or bedroom.

Large mirrors are the perfect backdrops for sparkling mini lights. If you have a place behind the mirror where the battery pack could easily be hidden, try outlining your hall mirror or bedroom mirror with battery operated Christmas lights to dress them up for parties and special occasions. It’s a sweet way to bring a romantic touch into the bedroom. Your hallway will appear warm and inviting to your family and guests who visit.

I’m sure you’ve seen people carry interesting things on their heads or on their hats. Why not add some battery operated mini lights to your hat for the parade on the 4th of July? Or build team spirit during your next fun run with lights for every one on the team. Outfit your children with a few too. You’d be the talk of the folks on the sidewalk and your children will never forget the experience.

By Shellie Gardner

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Recession Pics

Yet another global recession is upon us. Recession trends have stayed true to themselves once again. Consumer spending is at a decade low and not only are people losing their job, but no jobs are being created. With all this doom and gloom on the economic front it may surprise you to learn that internet spending went up by 19% in the last 12 months and it is expected to continue to rise by a further 10.7% per year over the next 4 years. This opens the door of opportunity for many would-be internet entrepreneurs to make, not only a full time living working online, but to make upwards of a 6 figure salary. Today we are going to take a look at one of the best ways to make money online, even with current recession trends.

Internet Affiliate Marketing

Internet affiliate marketing is when you advertise a company’s product for them and get a commission for every sale you get for the company through your advertisement. You can be an affiliate for literally any product that is sold online, from products on Amazon to information eBooks on how to build muscle, lose weight, cure impotence, get the girl or even how to be a better person (yes these products exist and what is more amazing is they actually sell!). You can advertise such products by both free and paid methods including article marketing, PPC, SEO, email marketing, web development and many more different ways.

The vast majority of affiliate marketing programs are free to join and you can earn any where from 1% commission right up to 75% commission for any sales you get through your ads. For any sales you make you will either get paid by check (cheque), PayPal, or directly into your bank account.

Internet affiliate marketing needs some studying to get the techniques down to a tee, but once you have these figured out the possibilities are endless.

What is the potential salary for an affiliate marketer?
There are many marketers that have only started working as an affiliate in the last 2-3 years and are now on $200,000 annual salaries. This type of salary is not uncommon at all but it just takes a lot of work and dedication to reach this level of success. Many marketers will hit the $30,000 after one year as an affiliate but since internet spending is up this year and is expected to rise further, even with recession trends, there could be a possibility for much greater profits.

By Dave McGloughlin

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Christmas Lights Pics

Okay, Christmas is in the air! It is time to rejoice and have fun and light up the entire world in expectation of the Lord’s birth. Do you know the amount of electricity that is consumed each year during Christmas? The electricity consumed in the US alone during this season can be used to light up a small village in Africa for about a year! With the natural resources depleting at a fast rate, we cannot afford to waste electricity this way.

Solar Christmas lights are a great alternative to the regular vintage Christmas lights. These solar Christmas lights, as the name says, runs on the energy derived from the rays of the Sun which is the best source of renewable energy. There are more than one benefits of using solar Christmas lights for decorative purposes.

Reason #1: Minimizes the carbon footprint

The increasing awareness about global warming is making people think about opting for alternatives that can help minimize the carbon footprint. If you also want to play a role in making the world a better place for the future generations, then, it is imperative that you switch to solar Christmas lights. These lights bring joy to the home without hampering the environment.

Reason #2: Relatively safer

When you use electricity to power on the lights during Christmas, you are increasing the chances of electrocution or short circuit which may, at times, lead to fire accidents. However, when you opt for solar Christmas lights you can completely eliminate these risks and have a safe Christmas.

Reason #3: Uninterrupted power

With the use of solar Christmas lights, you can forget about blackouts hampering your celebrations. Since these lights run on solar energy that is stored in the photovoltaic cells, you can be rest assured of uninterrupted power supply to these lights.

Reason #4: Easy on the pocket

Did you know that the people receive high electricity bills for the month of December each year? It is not surprising considering the amount of electricity consumed to light up the houses. However, with the advent of solar Christmas lights, you can bid adieu to these high utility bills and show significant savings. If you thought that you will need to rob a bank to purchase these lights, think again! These lights are available at rates that can leave you flabbergasted.

In addition to this, there are many other benefits of solar Christmas lights. It is time you opted for these lights and made a difference to the world you live in!

By Brook Shorentino

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Light Sensor Pics

Have you seen outdoor lights that only come on when they detect movement? These special fixtures are called motion sensor lights and they offer many advantages to a homeowner.

Outdoor sensor lighting is a natural intruder deterrent. This is one of the biggest reasons that people decide to install motion sensor lights. Burglars do not like to come to a home that is well lit, or one that becomes lit when they approach it. Motion detector lights are one of the best ways to provide safety and security to your family without investing in an alarm system.

Motion sensor lights are energy efficient. If typical outdoor fixtures are left on all night every night, you will notice a difference in your electric bill. With motion sensor outdoor lighting, however, there is only a small or even unnoticeable increase in your electricity bill because the light fixture is mostly off. So, not only do you get added security, you also get cost savings!

Motion detector lights can be decorative as well as functional. Many of the first fixtures were not very decorative, but now there are many different styles, sizes, and colors available that are designed to compliment different homes. For most of the fixtures, there is no way to tell if they are “regular” or sensor.

Motion sensor lights can be customized and programmed. To learn more about different settings of motion sensor outdoor lights, visit this website:

For all the benefits it has to offer, motion sensor lights are a good choice for your home.

By Amanda Taylor

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