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Having a simple light bulb on the center of your bathroom ceiling is one thing, but having a bathroom with a well placed lighting fixture is another story entirely. There are two reasons why bathroom lighting fixtures are important; they are useful and decorative.

Going inside your bathroom that’s not well lit is a dangerous thing to do. Someone could slip and break their neck, not notice leaks when it’s too late, and many more bad scenarios resulting from poor lighting. Now we’ve got that covered we can move on to the fun part of bathroom lighting fixtures; aesthetics!

Not only are bathroom lighting fixtures great in function, it are also fantastic in style. Now first things first, before we talk about what types of designs would look great in your bathroom, let’s talk about the placement of these fixtures. A wonderful place to have a fixture would be around your mirror. A bulb or two above the mirror can serve as your general lighting. Add another on both sides and you’ll have the perfect lighting when it comes to wearing make up or just plain admiring your face. Another section that would require bathroom lighting fixtures would be the shower area. Also, if the bathroom is large enough, you can have a fixture installed on the center of the room.

Bathroom lighting fixtures will make design perfectionist go crazy due to the array of styles they can choose from. Whether you’re looking for a classic, vintage, conventional, or modern design, any major home depot is sure to have one. As I said before, it would be a good idea to have fixtures above your mirror, so we look for the ones that have good lighting quality. Good bathroom lighting fixtures would have soft lighting, and an even glow to it. If you’re going for the modern look then a chrome three bulb fixture would be the way to go. Otherwise, if you’re the classic type, go for the bronze two bulb lighting. To add that certain elegance and coziness you get from sconces you can add a one bulb sconce on either side of the mirror. As for the shower you can use recessed lighting to add artistic flair to your design. Now, if you’re going to go for the recessed lighting then I suggest you use a progress eyeball type of fixture. The sheer versatility of this fixture allows you to put it virtually anywhere on your shower area. Don’t be restricted to the center of the shower area ceiling, be creative, and try the wall. Talking about creativity, why not use a flush mount ceiling lighting for a touch of class. The flush mount lighting would go well with the sconces on your mirror. Now remember, don’t be limited to these suggestions. The sheer number of materials bathroom lighting fixtures are made of is just mind-boggling. There are fixtures made of wood, ceramic, bronze, copper, plastic, brass and many more.

Overall, bathroom lighting fixtures are versatile when you need lighting that is not only great in function but also grand in style. It’s a wonderful feeling when the designs you thought of go well with the overall feel you want to have for your bathroom. If this is all a bit too much for you, though then you can always have a professional do the work.

By David Patullo

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Let us accept the fact that illumination contributes a great deal in home decoration. Considered as conventional lighting, reserved lighting and bulbs are usually used in homes. This, nevertheless, was transformed by home decorators. Contemporary furniture has now incorporated various lighting accessories that have included lights for the bathroom as well.

It is a known fact that the bathroom is used for our individual sanitation; but other than that, this room is also a refuge. A few people run to the bathroom when they are disheartened, discouraged or annoyed. For them, this place offers more comfort than any other areas of the home. In fact, when one is under stress, a warm bath with calming oils complemented by soft, relaxing illumination helps us to soothe our senses.

With these in mind, different designs and styles of lighting fixtures have been produced by manufacturers in order to satisfy the requirements of the users.

Pendant lights are suspended as a single lighting fixture from the ceiling with the use of a chain, metal rod or cord. They have varying sizes and the materials used range from glass to metal and plastic. They save on energy because of their low voltage and a few use fluorescent or halogen bulbs.

Task lighting is the most essential design in the bathroom. Wall sconces mounted on both sides of the mirror is very useful when shaving or applying make-up. You can also make use of a vanity light bar installed above the mirror. They are available in different designs as well as a variety of finishing, size and color.

Bar lights are like small torches installed on a metal bar and fastened to the wall over the sink. They are very versatile as they can either be held downward or upward in front of glass shades allowing them to rebound light off the ceiling. They are available in shades of white, translucent glass or frosted while the metal pieces are accessible in polished brass, chrome, nickel or antique finishes.

Vanity globes are another variation of bar lights. They are often seen in the dressing rooms of movie stars. They provide you with a broad, strong, diffused glow that is ideal for getting fixed up. These are best installed above a restricted sink or in a guest bathroom.

Sconces are fittings that had one bulb and one shade. They are comparable to wall lamps that are used in the other areas of the home like the hallway or library. Sconces for bathroom, however, are less indulgent. They are best situated in areas further than the sink, inside another room like the washstand or the toilet.

Recessed lighting is a good illumination for the ceiling. They are straightforward and spherical and installed inside the ceiling.

On choosing bathroom lights, safety must also be put into consideration. Vapor-proof illuminating accouterments are particularly good for light installed in the shower area. You also need to get the services of a professional electrician in installing your bathroom lights.

You can check out your local stores for the latest on bathroom illumination. Do not be impulsive when choosing lighting fixtures for your bathroom. Having the proper illumination will give your bathroom a totally new appeal.

You can also visit online furniture stores like LA Furniture.com for different lighting fixtures in the bathroom as well as in the other areas of your home.

By Luningning De Guzman

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Streamlined polished chrome bases. Frosted white glass shades. Clusters of filaments lit by LEDs. These are not your father’s table lamps! Indeed, table lamps have come a long way since any old light bulb stuck on a piece of wood with a dusty shade could be passed off as a fashionable piece of home decor.

Today’s contemporary table lamps are works of art. New lamps tend to be built from metal and glass materials. Most lamps adopt a minimalist color scheme. The bases are often black or grey or white, with the designer letting the polished or brushed look of the metal come through to the final product. The lamps are then topped off with a white or cream shade to complete the look. On the other end of the scale, designers – using the same materials – have taken advantage of technological advances to create innovative new table lamps. Using these new production techniques, designers can use the same materials to create colorful and playful table lamps. One trend is making table lamps look like other objects, such as a glowing block of ice or even Chinese takeout boxes. These designs are perfect for children, or the young at heart.

Aside from the materials and the color schemes, designers generally create table lamps with simple, pared down designs. The emphasis is on sleek and streamlined looks, with simple and unbroken lines. Especially notable is the movement away from traditional table lamp designs, with a base, stem and light shade. Indeed, the creation of new materials with unique lighting abilities has allowed designers to experiment with amazing new designs. And at the farthest point from simple designs are the trend towards table lamps that more closely resemble tabletop chandeliers with the use of glowing strands of plastic and light.

All this focus on aesthetics is not to imply at all that this new crop of lamps is not highly functional. In fact, it is exactly the opposite. Functionality is a central concern. Modern table lamps take exceptional pride in providing the very best light for reading or writing. This means creating an adjustable light that can either focus or diffuse the light, depending on your needs.

Contemporary table lamps have entered an exciting creative phase, spurred on by the development of new materials, and the participation of countless young and exciting designers. If you are looking to update your interior design, a contemporary table lamp can be an important starting point for any changes.

By Byran Kempa

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There are many kitchen lighting fixtures that you can find in the market. They can be installed in any place where you want it to be like on ceilings. One of these lighting fixtures that are gaining popularity are the ones that are installed right under your kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets have been among the important parts storage areas in the kitchen since you can place a lot of things in it. Whether you will keep a small kitchen equipment or food for stock, you can fit it inside your cabinet. When it comes to home design, you will now see a lot of houses that have their very own cabinet lighting.

There are a number of reasons why these kitchen lighting fixtures are needed by every homeowner. One of them is for convenience in doing your kitchen tasks. These kitchen cabinets are usually placed above your countertop area. This means that it will block the light that will help you cut your ingredients properly. These cabinet lights are installed right underneath your cabinets so you will have adequate lighting to do what you have to do in your kitchen. This will lower down the instances of accidents because of cutting yourself with the use of your knives or getting inconsistent cuts of your ingredients.

Second, these kitchen lighting fixtures are good design ornaments for this area of your home. The light emitted by these fixtures will give your kitchen an ambiance that you may only see in galleries or theatres. This will leave a good impression to those who will visit you at home.

Aside from the light as the main design, the good thing about these kitchen lighting fixtures is that its light can also compliment other kitchen parts for additional beauty. For example, your shiny granite countertop will look better if this light will shine on it. Its surface will become shinier and will emit a beautiful glow to make your kitchen look great than the usual. This is why more and more designers are creating designs using these lights on their clients’ homes.

In conclusion, using kitchen lighting fixtures that are installed on cabinets will help you in two different ways. Whether you are after the function or design, these lighting fixtures will give it to you. You will find a lot of different lighting that will match your design preferences and your budget for decoration.

By Rodger C. Vosloo

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If you have spent the time, effort and money to landscape your yard you might as well enjoy the beauty of it both at night and during the day. Using the right type and amount of outdoor lighting can help highlight particular features of your yard at night.

The fun part about it is that the landscaping can look different at night when illuminated making it feel like you have twice as much visual appeal. You’ll be able to appreciate your efforts in a whole new way at night. Plus certain types of outdoor lighting can help add a layer of protection and safety to your home.

Landscape Lighting for Atmosphere

When chosen and installed properly landscape lights should reveal your home’s beauty, accentuate your favorite trees and flowers, highlight special features like a waterfall or pond and provide a relaxing environment for you to enjoy.

To get the best effect it is important to follow a few basic guidelines. First use a mixture of lighting types not all the same type and be creative. While solar path or garden lights can be attractive, some light sources should be concealed like those used for down lighting or up lighting. Consider using a timer for any that aren’t solar powered so they automatically turn on at night. Be careful not to over light; you don’t want your whole yard brightly lit.

Landscape Lighting for Functionality

From a functional perspective landscape lights should increase safety and reduce accidents through increased visibility, provide security by deterring potential criminals or unwanted visitors, and they should help improve the property value of your home.

There are some basic guidelines to follow when you are using lighting for security or functionality as well. For starters you want to provide a welcoming entryway, but one that illuminates the front door, the house numbers and the lock. Use decent lighting to illuminate all entryways into the home, the front, the back and any side entry.

Illuminate the driveway and garage. Using driveway lights can help increase visibility for friends coming or going from your home at night, but they can also create delineation. Garage lights can help offer security, they can be used any time of year and they can be used separate from other landscape lights.

Pathway and step lights offer an attractive look, but even more importantly they can help you or friends see better when coming or going from your house at night.

By Jonathan H Currie

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Cheap Outdoor Lighting can easily be sourced today but there are a few things you should be aware of before you make that purchase. Get off to the right start and choose wisely, it will save you money in the long term.

Today the are many great sources of discount outdoor lights and this can be a great way to brighten up your home on a budget. The problem is not so much where to find the bargains, but which are the most suitable bargains in the long term. There is not much sense in saving a little money now and having to replace the lighting next year. To help make that choice consider a few things.

Cheap Doesn’t Have to Be “CHEAP”

Cheap is often associated with poor quality, but this does not have to be the case. Look for discounted lines of outdoor lights, or last seasons designs. Quite often you can get great offers on quality outdoor lighting by asking for any older stock or ex display models. Online sources such as Amazon or E-Bay often have new but discontinued lines, or indeed nearly new items or products with damaged packaging. Think outside of your local DIY store and you will be amazed at what is on offer.

What Is Good Quality Outdoor Lighting?

When choosing outdoor lights always consider will this unit last a decent length of time. Remember that unlike indoor lighting units, these lights will be exposed to the elements and all they throw at them. Plastic will most likely deteriorate over time, try to get all metal units. Look at the seals around cable entry points and around the glass parts of the light, will they protect the bulb from the weather? Think long term, saving a few dollars now may not be the best option try to get the best quality you can afford.

Don’t Compromise On Safety.

Poor outdoor lights can be a serious health risk, remember the dangers of electricity. Check the documentation of any light you buy. Most countries have strict safety standards that must be documented in the packaging. If you are buying cheap imported goods from a questionable source, check for some information about safety standards – if there is nothing there, chances are they do not meet the requirements and you may be buying a whole lot of trouble.

Cheap can indeed be good if you take a little care. Think long term, think safety and always have electrical installations carried out by a qualified tradesman. Never let your quest for cheap outdoor lighting lead to a fatal mistake.

By Michael J Orr

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Most people agree that a bathroom should have some of the brightest lights in the whole house. One reason for this is that a brighter bathroom makes for a more clean or fresh appearance. Another reason is that more light allows you to conduct typical bathroom activities more effectively, like shaving, putting on makeup, or fixing your hair.

Recessed shower lighting can provide your shower with a more focused illumination because that is one of the features of a recessed light. It provides concentrated light in one area, not just everywhere in the bathroom. This is why you see can lights in showers all across the world. The light comes directly down into the shower as opposed to other parts of the bathroom.

A recessed shower light can also give your tub or shower more a featured look because when the light is turned on it appears to be in a spotlight, so to speak, instead of just being in the bathroom with all the other stuff. This feature may or may not be something you are looking for, but it is an advantage of can lights

If your shower is not very tall and you need all the height you can get, then a recessed light can give you more space. The light will actually be up in the ceiling and not sticking down where your head may be. This can provide you with more comfort as you get in and out of the shower.

Hopefully, these short tips have helped you make a decision about using recessed lights in your bathroom or shower.

By Wes B Wayne

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track lights image

Track lighting runs on metal tracks along ceilings and walls and that is where it gets its name. Light heads or lamps are attached to this track. The malleability of these metal tracks is an advantage to homeowners who want to install their lighting systems for the first time or reconfigure their existing ones.

In track lighting systems you can focus the light on any object that you want to highlight. A variable number of light fixtures can be installed along the track where electric current will flow. You can easily change the positioning of the tracks; in addition you can create a single track if that is all that you require or you can have multiple tracks if you want more light. You can add more tracks at any time and point the lights in different directions.

How Interchangeable Are System Components?

You have to be careful that all of the parts that you wish to interchange are made by the same company, or the manufacturer may not honor their product guarantee.

However, purchasing a system made under the Halo, Juno, or Lightolier standards will allow you to use components from different makes if they are all under the same standard. Replacement parts of a track system must also be of the same standard.

Note that light bulbs are an exception, as they can be made by different manufacturers and still be able to be mixed and matched with the other components.

Being able to use components from different manufacturers is a great advantage because you can choose from a wider range of models with different colors and features.

Connecting Your Lights

There are different track sizes and electrical connections to suit every room. One thing you need to be very clear about is where to position your track lights. This is needed for reasons of beauty and practicality.

You can feed your track lights to an electrical outlet or a connector, although plugging into a wall outlet may be unsightly. Using an electrical connector that is hidden in your ceiling is definitely a cleaner way to do it, though it may require a bit more work.

By Ernest Jarquio

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