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wall lights pics

If perhaps, like most people, your bathroom is merely a ‘pit-stop’ area at either end of your day, you could be missing out on a trick or two. By just watching the way that you illuminate what is most likely the smallest room in your house can make a massive difference to the way you feel about this. Bathroom lights are a sorely ignored art, that’s such a pity a single thing as simple and undemanding as bathroom wall lights might possibly improve how you start your day.

Wall mounted lights inside your bathroom will give soft mood lighting when needed, if effectively and efficiently sited they are going to make sure you keep the room functional. Naturally, that is pretty much what you require from your bathroom, don’t you think?

And also – notable of another article of ours – you must understand the bathroom lighting regulations, which is necessarily strict on the lights you can in your bathroom and where. It’s been stated before but it really won’t hurt to talk about it again: water and electricity do not make good bedfellows!

When, like many people, you’re the proud owner of a less-than spacious bathroom, it’s possible you’ll find wall lights – particularly if they are linked to a dimmer switch outside the actual room – supply all the lighting you’ll need. Effectively chosen and located lights will not only afford very good general light levels they’re going to provide more than decent task lighting.

Deciding on halogen or LED lamps will guarantee that the light ‘temperature’ is as near as it can be to natural daylight, which can be considered a fantastic help when shaving or applying cosmetics. Yet, the important factor is usually the way you position these lights – you’re going to do away with shadows, which, after they fall on your own face will a) cause you to look awful and b) make routine grooming tasks much harder.

Light fittings around the mirror must cast light in four ways, that would be, coming from above and below and from both sides, to be able to remove all those bothersome dark areas. Hollywood style mirrors are based on functionality! To obtain this happy state of affairs in less than movie-star style, situate one wall light above the mirror, and one each side located at approximately eye level. But if the mirror is big, say 1 metre across or even more, you’ll discover the fact that side lights won’t supply enough light. In this particular circumstance, an overhead light will certainly fill in the spaces.

So, that’s the task lighting effects taken care of; now to look into the atmosphere. Simply by switching the bathroom light fittings one at a time you’ll be able to create a really useful system. With regard to shaving or applying make up, just simply switch to the wall lights both above and alongside the mirror but, when you are languishing in the bath, forget the side lights and just simply turn on the wall light above the mirror. Assuming you have a dimmer switch, which should really be found outside of the bathroom, you could have the lights down nice and low.

And, whenever its time for love, merely add candles!

By Duncan Munday

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under counter lighting pics

Installing under cabinet lighting in your kitchen has many benefits. Under cabinet lighting uses low-voltage bulbs to make tasks easier and safer by delivering directed light to a specific area. Under cabinet lighting can provide two functions in your kitchen. It can provide task lighting for countertop food preparation and accent lighting to highlight your countertops and backsplash. Although under cabinet is also useful in workshops, garages, and basements, here we will focus on the kitchen.

Benefits of Under Cabinet Kitchen Lighting

1) Energy efficient – Can save energy by eliminating the need to light up an entire room.

2) Variety of bulbs – Energy efficient lights bulbs are most often used for under-the-cabinet lighting fixtures. Common under cabinet light bulbs include fluorescent, halogen, LED, and xenon bulbs.

3) Eliminate shadows – Under cabinet lighting reduces the shadows created by wall cabinets and overhead ceiling lighting. Proper spacing of under cabinet lighting eliminates the dark shadows under your countertops. To eliminate shadows, install one light for every 20-30 inches of counter space.

4) Add unique style and distinction to your kitchen – Many kitchen countertops are made from granite or marble. A kitchen under cabinet light can make your stone countertops shine.

5) Simple installation – Many DIYers can install under cabinet lighting in just a few hours.

Types of Under Cabinet Lighting: Strip Lights, Puck Lights, Linear Lights

Strip Lights: These are rectangular shaped fixtures and they work well with fluorescent bulbs. They are great for providing diffused light to the kitchen.

Puck Lights: These are round fixtures that got their name from their round, hockey puck- like size and appearance. These lights are best for highlighting countertops and backsplashes. Puck lights work with LED, halogen and xenon bulbs. Puck lights can be mounted in different positions to either aim downward or at the backsplash. As an alternative, puck lights can usually be recessed into cabinets.

Linear lights: Linear lights are often used with fluorescent bulbs. They are the most popular types of fluorescent under cabinet kitchen lighting because they are thin, which allow them to be concealed behind the cabinet trim.

Types of Bulbs Used: Fluorescent, Halogen, Incandescent, LED and Xenon.

Fluorescent bulbs – These are commonly used for under cabinet lighting fixtures. They create a bright work area by providing clear light. The disadvantage of fluorescent lights is that they cannot be dimmed and they sometimes flicker.

Halogen bulbs – Homeowners seeking a bright, white light choose halogen bulbs. The light emitted from a halogen bulb is warm and bright and provides a nice amount of light from under the cabinet. These bulbs have an extremely long life, lasting up to 2,000 hours.

Incandescent bulbs – These bulbs are the least popular under cabinet bulb type as their light is not very bright. Incandescent bulbs are not energy efficient and they emit heat. They last half as long as halogen bulbs.

LED bulbs – These bulbs are becoming a more popular choice among homeowners as they become more commonly available at lighting and home improvement stores. LED bulbs are available in different colors they and provide homeowners with the ability to create unique decorative features. LED bulbs are best for puck lighting.

Xenon bulbs – These bulbs have the longest lifespan of all under cabinet light bulb options. They can last up to 10,000 hours. They are energy efficient as they do not create heat.

Tips for Successful Under Cabinet Lighting

o One 12-inch lighting fixture or 3-puck light fixture should be installed for every 4 ft. of countertop.

o Install the lights toward the front of the cabinet so that they will highlight the surface best.

By Marcy Tate

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led lights pics

The LED lights have replaced light bulbs and they are being used in commercial as well as residential premises. LED is defined as a semiconductor, which has the capabilities of emitting light with the aid of electric current. For this reason, they are used to carry out different functions such as for reading, track lighting and desk lamps. In addition to this, it is important to state that they come in different colors and shapes. In most instances, the color emitted can be ultraviolet, infrared, red, yellow or green and this varies in accordance to the composition as well as the condition of the semi conductor incorporated in the bulb.

They are known to generate minimal unwanted heat and this makes them perfect in air conditioned environments. When they are turned on, they always come on with brightens that is unmatched by any other form of bulbs. It is ideal to state that it does not contain any mercury or any other harmful substances. To cap it all, note that it does not emit any ultra violet light. As a result, this ensures that they do not cause any sort of damage like fading to artwork that is placed close to it.

With LED lights, you have a guarantee that they can operate for more than 30,000 hours and at times, even more. In essence, one bulb is known to outlive an incandescent one 30 times and for this reason, reduces the number of replacements needed and ensuring that you save a substantial amount of cash. Even if they were left to operate for 8 hours, they could last for up to 10 years and in some instances, even more. Consequently, this ensures that the effort, time and cash that goes into looking for a replacement is substantially reduced.

By Ali Raza

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kitchen light fixtures pics

The value of a design is enhanced by using correct lighting effect like in using kitchen light fixtures. And if you will look closely, these lighting fixtures are used mainly by people who would like to improve home design but there are some people who still focus on the function instead of aesthetics. This means that even if they get beautiful lighting solutions, they also make sure that the lights will give them proper lighting to have a bright working area.

There are many lighting fixtures available in the market and they can be used to provide bright lighting. You can get the light that you want and see how you can install them to maximize their brightness.

The best kitchen light fixtures that you can use to get bright lights are the pendant lights. These are the lights suspended from the ceiling and used to light the kitchen island. The good thing about these lights is that they still come in a wide variety of design. For example, you can get a single pendant light while there are some designs that have several clusters of light for additional class and style. Aside from the design option, these pendant lights can be lowered or raised at the height you prefer. Since they are suspended using strings or cords, you can adjust the height and control the brightness that you like especially if you will place it on top of your kitchen island.

Aside from pendant kitchen light fixtures, you will also find recessed lighting as one of your lighting option. These lighting types are recessed or installed in a sunken way on the ceilings or kitchen cabinets. The problem with this lighting is that they are good for setting an ambience in your kitchen but not good for illumination. However, you can also use this type of fixture as long as you place them properly. For example, these kitchen light fixtures will be useful if your cooking or food preparation station is located at underneath cabinets. Another factor that you can consider is the number of lighting you must use in order to produce brighter lights than the usual.

These kitchen light fixtures will help you have a brighter workstation. As long as you choose the right light and place them properly with the help of experts, you will get all the lighting that you need in order to make food preparation and cooking easier and safer.

By Rodger C. Vosloo

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home lighting pics

Home improvement also concerns room lighting. There are many purposes of home lighting. Most homeowners pay attention to their lightning fixtures while other neglects this certain aspect of the home. Aside from aesthetic purposes, home lighting is also for security, practicality and functionality. The right lighting can enhance the appearance of the room making it usable as well. There are lighting techniques that can make the room appear to be larger. While some would make an area look intimate or inviting. If you shop at the home section of a mall, you can find impressive collection of lighting fixtures. This is perfect if you are trying to achieve a certain look to match your decorating style.

There are different types of home lighting. The general lighting is used to provide brightness to a room. Living rooms usually have light fixtures like chandeliers so illumination of the area can be achieved without a problem. There are basic features that can be attractive and can match the whole theme of a particular room of the house. In case ceiling feature is not available, lamps are perfect alternative. They are perfect if you want to add style and personality. Be sure to go for fixtures that are easy on the eyes and complement the design of the area where it would be situated. If the room is bigger, track lighting is very practical to use.

Task lighting is meant for a specific purpose. Kitchen task lights should aid the preparation of the food. For the living area, it is good to have desk lamp for reading purposes. These kinds of lights should be strategically placed so it will not create shadows that can be distracting. Make sure that it is not bright enough because it could be a cause of eye strain.

Lighting book shelves and kitchen cabinets can be helpful as well. Accent lighting is perfect for painting or if you want to highlight a specific area. There are cabinets that can highlight its content. For those with bar area, there are suspended and pendant lighting which is perfect. It can also add to the appeal of the place.

For most homeowners the question now is the brightness of the light. The answer is dependent on where you it will be situated and its purpose. It is a good idea to have options when it comes to lighting a particular room. Living room or den would require dimmer lighting since it is a place where people can relax. There should also be task lighting since there are activities that could be done in the area like reading or playing board games. You can hire an electrician to install a switch where you can adjust the brightness of the lighting. Kitchen and bathroom would require brighter lights. This is also true for rooms that receive guest. This can surely affect the atmosphere of the area

If you pay attention to the purpose of the room, you will know what kind of lighting is needed. There are thousands of options when it comes to lighting but the most important thing is function and aesthetic. In terms of function, the home lighting should provide sufficient luminosity. It terms of aesthetic, this could create the mood of the area through colour and intensity.

If you will be lighting the living room, you need to situate the lamp at the back of the reader’s shoulder. Use halogen track lighting if you want to highlight framed piece of art. It is also good to accent book shelves. It is a good idea if you can have a dim switch in the particular area of the house. For the kitchen area, it is best if you choose bright general lighting. Make sure that you have individual lighting on the sink and range area. For those with bars and counter, it is a good idea to have pendant lights. Under cabinet lighting is actually good for kitchen.

Chandeliers are perfect lighting for dining area. If you have a long table, you can install pendant light but make sure that it is bright enough so people can see their food well. Perhaps the perfect lighting for bedroom is side lamps. This is a perfect place to have a dim switch. It is a good idea to have reading area in your bedroom. For children’s room, it is a good idea to have night light. In lighting the bathroom, there are shadow free-fluorescent light that are perfect for mirror area. It is a good idea to provide adequate lighting for makeup area.

By Evan Andy Q Goff

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fluorescent lights pics

Atlanta has seen a tremendous growth in the last couple of decades that has been true to its motto “Resurgence” or Rising Again. With expansion, many changes have been made in our lifestyles. Modern electrical gadgets have made their way into our homes, and have caused a steep rise in our power bills in the process.

Atlanta residents have been looking for a number of ways to cut their energy usage so that they can save money and do their part for the planet by reducing their dependency on non-renewable sources of energy. A shift in using fluorescent lamps or CFLs (compact fluorescent lamp) is one such step.

Using fluorescent bulbs provides users with numerous advantages over traditionally used incandescent lamps. Not only are these lamps available in many varieties, but they also consume less electricity, last longer, and have a greater surface area that helps in better illumination.

There has also been an increasing trend of using dimmer switches in homes for creating the right ambience and to save energy. However, if you use fluorescent lamps with dimmer switches that aren’t labeled as such, you will be thoroughly disappointed.

When you try using normal dimmer switches with CFLs. You may find that:

Lamps won’t light up You will hear a buzzing noise when the lamp is switched on You may experience unstable light output, with the lamp going on and off constantly The lifetime of your CFL will decrease drastically

Fluorescent lights are essentially “inductive” in nature, while conventional bulbs are “resistive”. Therefore, a dimmer that is designed for a normal bulb cannot be used with a fluorescent fixture. However, manufacturers of CFLs have found the solution to the problem and have now introduced dimmer CFLs that they have specially designed for dimming ballasts and should be installed by the electricians in Atlanta.

In conventional bulbs, a dimmer switch simply reduces the power to the bulb. This cannot be done in the case of a fluorescent bulb, as its filament needs to be heated to a particular level to make it illuminate. Dimming ballast used with fluorescent bulbs acts like a central hub that controls the amount of power flowing to the bulbs.

Earlier, magnetic dimming ballast was used with fluorescent bulbs, and this has now been replaced by electronic ballasts. However, due to the high prices of dimmer ballasts for CFLs, these are just being used for commercial purposes.

If you are looking to dim the fluorescent lights in your home contact an experienced electrical contractor in Atlanta today.

By Terrell McCall

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contemporary lamps pics

Right from the beginning of civilization, lamps and lights have played a significant role when it came to household affairs. With the advent of time, lamps have undergone a sea change in their designing patterns and use. Lamps have traveled a long way in beyond just their utility and contributed significantly in adorning the ambience of the room and reflecting individual taste of beauty and perception. Just as all the other decorative products, lamps have also represented the time and taste of the periods in which they were made. Thus, contemporary lamps also reflect the taste and trends of the present age and generations.

Contemporary lamps come in various types such as table lamps, desk lamps, floor lamps, shaded, and chandeliers. Also available are ceiling lamps, hanging lamps, pendant lamps, and wall sconces. Contemporary lamps are distinguished by their sleek designs and colorful appearance. They are made of various materials with varied finishes including steel, brass, and wrought iron. The look of these lamps typically conveys the current fashion and style, not occupying much space and yet lending a simple and trendy appeal. They come in attractive colors, designs, and textures with distinctive ornamentation and colorful embroidery.

A variety of contemporary lamps are found online, where all the types of lamps and lighting fixtures are displayed. A detailed description including their pricing, material, finish, height and lamping instructions of bulb types and switch operation also accompany the image of the individual products. A unique code number serves as their identity, using which buyers can place online orders or enquire about the product. Prices may vary depending on the make and model of the lamps. Shipping charges are usually added to these price rates although some stores might charge additional shipping fees. However, it is important to compare and check the prices before buying from any of these sites. Online catalogs offered by most of the shopping websites can be very helpful in comparing the products and their price ranges. Buyers can also avail of the discount rates offered by the online stores from time to time.

By Marcus Peterson

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ceiling light pics

Lighting high ceiling rooms can be a daunting task. In such rooms, using regular table lamps and installing wall sconces simply won’t do. Even a ceiling light (or two) will be insufficient to provide the needed general lighting to rooms with high ceilings. In order to adequately light high ceiling rooms, different lighting strategies must be followed.

To begin with, a high ceiling room should be evaluated on the basis of where furniture and appliances will be or already are located. These areas can be focused on during the electrical wiring setup with additional lighting outlets for high traffic and use areas. Likewise, if there are any interesting features in the ceiling itself, such as plaster moldings or murals, lighting outlets may be installed either directly opposite or over these features. Finally, keep in mind that a high or vaulted ceiling is a feature in and of itself, and should therefore not be hidden but shown off with appropriate lights. As a consequence, specific light fixtures should be planned and installed along the ceiling corners and used to emphasize the height and expanse of a high ceiling room.

Lights that are most beneficial for providing ambient lighting to a high ceiling room include flood lights and hanging fixtures such as chandeliers. Such lights may be installed at regular intervals along a ceiling area, with stronger light bulbs used for sitting or other high use areas. A higher number of such lights may be installed in areas of interest such as fireplaces, entertainment centers, and display cases. Chandeliers are especially useful in high ceiling rooms because they help bring lighting to eye level.

Sconces can also be used for ambient lighting in a high ceiling room. Such lights may be installed at regular intervals around the room, or they can be grouped in order to create visual appeal. When considering sconces for lighting, keep in mind that high ceiling rooms require larger and taller sconces than lower ceiling rooms. Up to 3 feet or 1 meter is a good length for a sconce; placed vertically, it breaks up the wall and adds visual appeal. If a group of vertical sconces is installed, this will create the illusion of a ceiling being at the top of the light line, making the room more inviting as a result.

When installing general lighting, make sure that it can all be controlled by a set of dimmer switches. This will help save energy on lighting, as well as allow the room’s illuminance to become a function of need.

Accent lighting can be used to emphasize the architectural or decorative features of a high ceiling room. Spot lights are typically used for such a purpose, and are an ideal choice because they illuminate a constrained 30 degree field. Murals and moldings can be illuminated by spot lights placed either directly opposite or at an angle from them. Recessed corners, cupolas, and arches are also best featured with spot lighting.

Task lights should not be overlooked when it comes to lighting a high ceiling room, since they are still needed to illuminate work areas such as desks and kitchen counters. However, because of the ceiling height of the room, lamps and torchieres of regular size will not do the room justice nor add to its aesthetics. For such a room, taller and larger lamps and torchieres should be used.

What should one do when attempting to illuminate a space with an extremely high ceiling, such as a theater or even a cathedral? In general, the same rules apply for the use and types of general, accent, and task lighting. A greater number of flood and hanging lights will be required in order to adequately provide general lighting. Because theaters, and especially cathedrals, are bound to have recessed corners, extensive murals, and intricate décor at the ceiling line, spot lighting must also be used to show off these features. The same holds true for wall murals, paintings, and alcoves; spot lights that are installed at lower points along the walls will be required here. Finally, task lighting will require even taller and larger lamps and torchieres. In some cases, task lighting may even become the function of spot lights that are installed in recessed areas of the walls. Such lighting will help minimize shadows in the task area while highlighting given features and items.

By Paul Stratkona

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can lights pics

If you have switched on your Xbox 360 and you hear the fans start up rather loudly and then you see 2 flashing red lights then this simply means that your console is overheating. There are a lot of problems with the Xbox 360 and overheating and also a lot of the red light errors are caused by this.

So What Can You Do To Get Rid Of The Xbox 360 2 Red Lights?

Well this really does depend on a few different things and it really comes down to whether or not the overheating that your console is experiencing has damaged any of the hardware on the motherboard or in the console. There are a couple of things that you can try before you ring Microsoft customer support, and the first thing that is a good idea is to give the system a good dust.

Sometimes the 2 red lights can simply be caused by overheating due to the dust build up and if you give the machine a good dust this can sometimes solve the problem. If it is still there after that then unplug the console and hoover all the dust out of the side and back vents as it could be some dust build up inside the console as well that is causing this problem.

If that does not work then you will have to give Microsoft customer support a ring and they will repair it for you as it is likely that the overheating has left some damage on the console.

Normally the repair time to get it fixed and back to you will take about 5 weeks start to finish and this is a long time to wait without your games.

If you are eager to get back to your games fast then another option you have is to get an Xbox 360 Repair guide that will show you the steps you need to take to get rid of the Xbox 360 2 Red Lights and what these are is normally a collection of text and video files that you follow to fix the problem.

With that said do not bother with any guide that does not have video as you cannot be sure of the quality of the fix and it is a good idea to get some sort of preview before you commit.

There are some good ones out there that will do the job for you and as long as you make sure that you have a full guarantee you should be fine.

I hope this article has told you more about why the Xbox 360 2 Red Lights Error happens and also given you some steps that you can take to fix the problem.

By William Turner

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bathroom lights pics

Ever since the creation of fluorescent and incandescent lights, light fixtures have become an important part of our lives. Everywhere we go, there is indoor or outdoor lighting that can be seen. They can be beautiful, perfect and deliver the right amount of brilliance and style.

For a large extent, though, the bathroom area has become one of the few places where lighting is highly overlooked. With bathroom areas turning out to be important and critical areas in the home, you should see and be able to point out right away that the bathroom light fixtures hold the secret to an excellent bathroom design.

True, there are many facets to an excellent bathroom design. If you try to peel away the layers in a very beautiful and elegant bathroom, you will see that no matter how grand the Jacuzzi is or how polished the looks of the faucet, shower head and handle bars appear, when there is poor illumination that is rendered they can look flat and dull despite their very expensive tags. On the reverse though, if you have a simple bath and what can only be described as ordinary shower or sink features and you match them with beautiful and well-placed lighting, you will certainly be amazed by the transformation that great illumination makes. It will convert any mediocre bath into an opulent space with so much ease.

Such is how the right placement and proper selection of the bathroom light fixtures will bring. They will turn ordinary bathroom spaces into extraordinary beauties. What you need to understand is that you don’t have to be an expert in order to carry and execute an excellent design. Just remember the basic rules of lighting that there must be an adequate task, ambient, accent and decorative lighting for the room.

What the rule implies is that in the bathroom you must have enough light to brighten up the whole space yet you should also have certain focused ones that will afford you efficient brightness for delicate tasks that needed to be executed with care. What extraordinary architecture or displays you’ve got must be highlighted and the light fixtures should not look shabby themselves. They should all have the same complementing styles whether they are a part of the ceiling or the wall.

As for the price tag to achieving an excellent design, you need not actually spend much in order to accomplish this thing out. There are many stores online where you can purchase quality-made sconces, downlights and other selections. And, you can, in fact, get them at such affordable and amazing discounted rates.

By Joanne Mccain

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