Truck Lights Picture

Truck Lights Picture

Truck Lights Picture

Truck Lights Picture

Many truckers will do a pre-trip inspection before they start driving. Of course this CDL requirement is by law and these simple tips will keep you trucking, and money in your pocket.

Why Having Lights is a CDL Requirement

Not having your lights working is an easy ticket. Especially if you are going through an inspection station, DOT will write you a ticket to get it fixed. Determining how bad it is they may just shut you down until you fix it. If that happens you have to hire a repair truck to come to your rescue.

One time I got pulled around the scale house when I was trucking through Indiana. What had happened was my tail lights were not working. DOT said that they would not let me go until it was fixed.

Luckily I knew a few things about trucking. I went to front of my trailer and found that plug on my pig-tail was loose just because the female side in the trailer was worn. So all I did was open up the prongs on the plug which made a tight fit for the pig-tail.

Having lights is a CDL requirement and extremely important. It is so people and see you and you can see them. If you are at a place where you can not fix them, know this tip… Jot down in your log book that you have inspected the truck and have the following defects and intend to have it fixed at nearest repair stop.

The reason why you should do this is because if DOT pulls you over for a light out, one of the first things he is going to ask is for your log book. He will not be able to write you a ticket because you have noted the defect and shown doing an pre-trip inspection. This will cover your butt from getting a ticket.

Few Tips To Fixing Your Lights

1. First check the pig tail. This is the cord of wires that comes form the truck to the trailer giving the trailer lights power. There are 2 ends on the pig-tail. One to the tractor and the other to the trailer. A lot of times this plug gets corrosion from all the salt and the pins get worn. Sometimes the lights will work on and off as the pig tail bounces up and down while you are driving down the road.

2. Second if the pins in the pig tail are loose you can bend them back slowly with a screwdriver to spread them apart, which will help making a tight fit. I also keep a can of spray lube for electrical connections.

3. Third I check the breakers and fuses.

4. Forth if it is just one bulb most likely it is just that bulb the needs to be replaced. Or a few wires broken.

5. Lastly don’t forget your grounds. So a good tool to have is a light tester to see if you have power coming in.

Learning to trouble shoot electrical problems it very important. This will keep you legal with all the CDL requirements enforced by DOT and in turn you will keep your truck rolling and making money.

By Rob Parcely

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