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Bathroom Lighting Picture

Proper interior bathroom lighting provides comfortable, adequate, un-shadowed light. There are several styles of bathroom lighting, and proper placement of your lighting is important for best results.

Styles of Bathroom Lighting

Bath and Vanity (also called a bath bar) has two or more bulbs and is installed over the mirror and sink. The number of bulbs you will require depends on the length of your mirror.

Adding Sconces to the sides of a mirror can help even out the light on your face and eliminate shadows during activities such as makeup application and shaving. In addition, sconces add a decorative touch to help complete your overall bathroom design.

Ceiling Lighting is used in addition to the lighting around the mirror. Ceiling lighting helps to illuminate the rest of the bathroom and can be used in the center of the room or in alcoves to improve overall conformability and safety.

Lighting Placement

The purpose of mirror lighting is to surround your face with light. A Bath and Vanity fixture is intended to cast light downward, while the sconces are intended to illuminate from the sides. The bath and vanity fixture should be about the same width as your mirror. When hanging the fixture, take into consideration the relative heights of your family and install the lighting at about average forehead height. An average height in most homes is about 66″ from the finished floor. The mirror should be hung 1-5″ below the bottom of the fixture. The sconces should be equal height on either side of the mirror and positioned to fill in the sides of your face with light.

Most bathrooms will also require at least one ceiling fixture to properly illuminate the remaining area of the bathroom. If your bathroom has additional alcoves you may want to consider adding small fixtures in those areas for even overall lighting.

Matching your lighting and plumbing fixtures

Consider the finish of your bath faucets when purchasing your new light fixtures. Most manufacturers offer a variety of finishes to match bathroom faucets, lighting and accessories for a cohesive overall design.

By Dan Auer

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