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Ceiling Recessed Lighting


Six recessed can lights, two three/4-inch birch plywood sheets, every 4′x8′, paint (you can use Ace Sensations Ceiling White), skim coat, two ladders, tape measure, utility knife, reciprocal observed, blue chalk, chalk line, stud finder, pencil, sander, degree, circular saw, table noticed, wood glue, hammer and nails.


You should initial choose a place exactly where you want to put the recessed bins proper on the ceiling. You can then use a chalk or marker to mark a line on the ceiling. The measurement you can use is about 118 inches, coming 36-1/2″ from the wall that is lying parallel from the line you draw.

You need to then make positive that you make an inspection hole by making use of a hammer. This inspection hole is used to monitor the electrical wires in the ceiling. When doing this, you will then measure the area on the ceiling, and then use the hammer to lower out a section within the measured part. After that, use the reciprocal noticed to cut out the opening, and use the rafters as a guidebook. You ought to have yet another particular person in the attic to watch you as you lower you want to stay away from the probability of cutting the electric cables and pipes by error. The rafters that you cut and eliminate can be saved for potential use in other places in the residence.

Spot a frame at the ends of the two rafters. The centre plate is the one particular that will maintain the load. The drywall should then be taken out in purchase for you to total the rough opening. This process ought to then also be carried out on the 2nd beam.

A hammer can then be utilized, in some circumstances, to get rid of the cross beams, if this would seem essential to you. A double header can be positioned right at the ends of the drywall so as to get treatment of the load that was supported by the beams that have been removed. An experienced electrician ought to then be brought in to install the cables for the new areas of the box.

Take the birch plywood and make measurements on it so as to fit for the containers the measurements of the plywood can then be lower with the use of a table noticed. Make measurements and mark the sports activities where the lights will be put in in the new bins. Use a cutting device to reduce out the holes for the lights, a maximum of 3 holes in each and every box will do. Spot the can lights correct over the containers. The boxes will be fitted inside of the rafters of the ceiling.

You will then use nails and glue in the assembling of the ceiling boxes. Location the new boxes inside of the opening of the tough wall. The within edges on the boxes ought to then be smoothed with sandpaper, generating a circular pattern so as to get rid of any nicks in the wood. The finishing touches can then be brought out by painting both the ceiling and the boxes.

Properly, that is it when the paint has dried completely, you can then match the lights within the recessed light boxes, and swap them on – you’re completed. Continue reading

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