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As I posted in my first installment, some trouble with Twitter, I’ll try to post problems about Twitter as soon as I receive them and where I find them so you can learn even more. Social media needs to be used if your doing any kind of Internet marketing. For now, we’ll get to the fun stuff that you may or may not already know.

When and if your looking for like minded tweeple, you might want to take a look at This is a Twitter application that is simply based on a chat room type of atmosphere. There are of course other ways to do this, but this one was kind of cool. Easy to use and of course, everyone is on the same page. It’s not about who’s talking, it’s about the conversation or hashtag.

Another one I ran across was This is a really cool database of tweeple, if your on that need to know basis. They also have neat little gigs like follower badges to link websites and blogs etc. It is also easy to use and pretty much self explanatory.

Have you tried yet? This is really cool. You can send “gifts” via Twitter through fun140. They have neat stuff like desert islands, happiness, rubber ducks, and allot more. This is allot of fun as it builds a relationship with your followers. I’ve only experienced one person who wondered why I sent them something and I felt that they didn’t care to have that kind of fun on Twitter. Allot of tweeple like this and love to have things given to them. So if you get something from one of your tweeple, be sure to return the favor as this builds your credibility and helps you monetize with social media.

Remember, keep it social, and don’t shove your upfront opportunity or product out there. Tweet to people and direct them to your blog. That should be your Internet marketing hub where you can make your conversion.

Also, watch using those “bots”. Twitter is getting bitter, and they are cracking down on spam.

Finally…HAVE FUN! Be the tweeter everyone in the nest wants to tweet with. For once, being a magpie could be a good thing!

By Thomas P. Lane

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