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Emergency Lighting Pics

Power failures turn everything pitch black and make situations quite miserable. Emergency lighting is the important necessity in that kind of situation. Many buildings offer exit lights immediately after a power failure. These exit lights are many times considered as emergency lighting for the building. These exit lights cannot satiate to the whole purpose still leaves a necessity for emergency lights, hallway and some other places. Mainly staircases are the places need to be arranged these emergency lights. As most of the movement might take place from other floors through staircase. If proper necessary lights are not arranged for staircase will result into minor accidents to the inmates of the building. These kinds of necessities should be given more priority when power failure occurs. This is the reason stair case lights need to be checked for every three months and necessary replacements should make to them.

There is a lot of difference between exit lights and emergency lighting. Maybe they both serve the same purpose but emergency ones serves more than the exit only. Because exit lights will be at particular location and whereas emergency lights are temporary lighting arrangements at the places where there is a necessity for them.

This lights need to be organized in advance to the emergency situation. These lights could be battery operated or rechargeable. Make it sure always they are ready to use as we never know when the necessity arises. By taking some precautionary measures we can face emergency situations in a better way through these emergency lights. There many varieties of emergency lighting systems available from cheap affordable prices to costly range. Always an light should serve the purpose whether it is costly or cheap one. Keeping them always ready we can make better use of them in emergency situations.

By Nuno Ricardo

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