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Fluorescent Light Fixtures

Indoor and outdoor home illumination covers a wide variety of different forms of lighting. Fluorescent light fixtures are one type that has many advantages. Lights with fluorescent bulbs are soft, subtle and balanced which is why it has become so appealing to today’s homeowner. There was a time when homeowners did not have access to fluorescent technology but large corporations did. Advances in technology has meant that manufacturers began to use them in their smaller bulbs and has subsequently meant consumers started using them in their dwellings. This has led to consumers saving a lot of energy and money.

How does fluorescent technology work?This kind of lighting is basically set off by a gas discharge within the tubes of the bulb. They use a very small amount of mercury put in tubes which is activated by electrical currents. This activation results in UV light causing the phosphor which is also used in the bulb to illuminate or fluoresce. There is only one real disadvantage to using fluorescent light fixtures and that is you need to handle them and dispose of them properly. You will find the safety precautions on the packages when you buy these bulbs and lamps. Other than that these lights are safe and very advantageous to use.

Fluorescent light has many different applications on a practical level. You can use them as strips, wall mounted, surface mounted and large overhead style like you see in school cafeterias and gymnasiums.
Fluorescent light fixtures can be mounted on walls which gives you a way to dress up any room in your home. They are best suited for areas of your home where natural light is not easily accessible. It provides a nice romantic yet functional glow to any room. Surface mounted types are best suited for outdoor applications. This means you can use them around the pool, the deck, the garage or any other outdoor structure where you need light. Many of these lights are decorative as well as functional.

Light strips are nice for certain areas like the bathroom, kitchen, garage or utility room where you need better illumination. These come in several sizes and are mounted to the ceiling.

Besides being versatile this form of lighting is also very energy efficient. It can help homeowners and other consumers who pay electric bills save hundreds every year. Regardless of how you want to use fluorescent light fixtures, you can find some form to suit your need. Your best option is to comparison shop online for not only the best prices, but also various types and styles Continue reading

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