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Halogen Lamp Picture

Nowadays, the new designs for floor lamps are made of halogen lighting. When you compare the efficiency in conserving energy and the ability to focus lighting between the traditional incandescent bulb and the halogen/tungsten combination, the latter is considered better.

Compared to fluorescent light, the halogen lamps are not energy saving but it has the ability to make use of the light produced in such a way that would have been otherwise a waste. This is because of the parabolic reflector casing it comes with.

For this reason, most galleries or gardens that have certain exquisite items to display use halogen lamps to focus on it.

Halogen lamps have many uses. One of this is for reading or studying. They are used as a spotlight but the light emitted beams directly to the ceiling and is reflected all through the room. Halogen lamps are not the main source of lighting for rooms.

Because they are used more as a spotlight, it is vital that the light coming from halogen bulbs should be powerful compared to other types of bulb. For rooms that look pale and boring, the glow from halogen lamp changes it to a glowing lighted room.

The life span of halogen lights would last around 2,000 to 3,500 hours before they expire. Most people opt to use halogen lighting because the lighting is not hurtful to the eyes. They usually last longer compared to incandescent bulbs. Because of this, more people are turning to use halogen light in their homes.

Other than that, more families use halogen floor lamps in their rooms because of their affordable prices.

For those people who are happily using their halogen floor lamps, they simply cannot wait for technology to create halogen lamps that are energy efficient. Recently, it has overtaken fluorescent lighting when it comes to spotlighting and reading light.

By Allie Watkins

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