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Halogen Lights Pics

Halogen lighting fixtures have improved over the past few years. They are the preferred lighting option where high light quality or precise light focusing is needed.

Halogen lighting fixtures are available in a wide range and are used for a variety of applications. These applications include cable lighting, picture lighting, display lighting, lower-level lighting, track lighting, and fixtures. Halogen bulbs are a form of radiant lamp bulbs that contain halogen gases that increase the efficacy of the bulb but they are pricier to buy when compared to regular radiant bulbs. They can be either tubular or low voltage bulbs. Low power halogen lamps are not low energy lamps. Halogen lamps are not as efficient as fluorescent lamps but are slightly more efficient than normal bulbs of the same wattage. They are most appropriate in certain situations due to their tight focusing feature like for bringing art alive or lighting over a small area. A halogen lamp is actually a specific type of incandescent lamp, often featuring a parabolic aluminized reflector (PAR), which improves light focus. Halogen lighting fixtures give off a very bright white light, and they maintain their light output over time.

Halogen lights are used for “down-lighting.” Down lights provide a bright pool of light in a different way than general lighting does. They are normally used to highlight corner pieces of plants. Halogen lights should be fixed with lower wattage and more efficient bulbs. Efficient 35W halogen lamps are available that produce as much light as a standard 50W lamp.

Halogen cable light system and halogen track lights, which are easy to install and require no professionals for installation, are also available. These fixtures are easily interchangeable. Halogen lighting fixtures need to be changed less often than incandescent fixtures and can be dimmed easily. They have a superior beam control that allows light to be carefully focused. The difficulty with halogen fixtures is that the light can be too bright for living rooms and they can become very hot and should not be left unattended for long periods of time.

By Jason Gluckman

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