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Kitchen Island Lighting Picture

Due to the increasing popularity of islands in the kitchen it has in turn increased the necessity of kitchen island lighting. Kitchen islands are often used for many different type of tasks from preparing meals, cleaning dirty dishes and many other tasks which means that the type of lighting used needs to be just as flexible. Kitchen island lighting needs to able to perform the following task:

-Ambient lighting for overall effect and coverage.
-Accent lighting for highlighting specific areas.
-Task lighting for activity areas like the counter-tops, sink, and dining area.

Island lighting not only serves a functional role it also commonly serves a very decorative effect as well. As such you have to make sure you keep the overall style of kitchen keeps going through the fixtures used in your island lighting.

-If you are trying for a contemporary style you would typically want to pick out a stainless steel and black fixture over something that looks like it is made of distressed wood.
-Traditional style kitchens looks are increased with Victorian hanging lamps.
-Most other styles from trendy to classic work well when mixing two different types of lighting.

Used properly kitchen island lights can provide an overall lighting as well as being able to serve as a mood lighting. Most people do this with multiple down-lights set on dimmers that can be adjusted when needed. Lighting might seem like something you don’t think much about and in turn you do not allot much money to purchasing your lights and fixture or time planning the layout. A kitchen lighting plan that is well thought out and planned will go a long way in your long term happiness of your kitchen. If you have an island in your kitchen then kitchen island lighting is just one more item on the list of choices that you have to make about your lighting.

By Steven Tikas

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