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Led Rope Light Picture

LED rope light comes in a variety of lengths and yet it can very easily be cut at particular intervals to give the desired size, usually EIGHTEEN and/or THIRTY SIX inches, based on what sort of wiring will be utilized. In the event the LED rope light is configured in a two-wire setup, it is possible to cut it in 18-inch intervals, whilst three-wire designs may be cut just about every THIRTY SIX inches or so. Should you try and cut any smaller, you may irreparably damage that portion which will also mean the lighting will not work.


Items You will require:

Cutting instrument (Sharp scissors, razor blade, or PVC cutters are recommended)

1.Lay out the led rope lighting to the preferred length.

2. Examine for the cut indicators. These may be indicated by small dotted lines which also has a scissors symbol, or perhaps another form of marking explaining where you should make the cut.

3. Cut across the marker you found in the previous step with your cutting tool. Duplicate as required for every length that you will need.

4. Take around 2 ins of your cut segment and flex this 90 degrees to the right to reveal a short length of copper wire. Cut this wire using your scissors or a set of wire cutters.

5. Flex the wire 90 degrees to the left and trim the 2nd wire which jumps out. Cutting the wires can help the rope light generate a great connection once you connect it up to a connector cord.

Job done

By Ashley Gunn

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