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Light Art Picture

Are you afraid of conventional drug treatments for menopause and are considering an alternative hormone replacement therapy (HRT)? Art, light and color treatments are useful in affecting mind, body and spirit in positive ways and are natural remedies for menopause.

Through art therapy, doors may open to the inner mind, revealing thoughts and feelings, which give insight into concealed fears that may be preventing a person from getting every thing they want out of life.

Are you having difficulty adjusting emotionally to menopause? Then with this holistic treatment, menopause symptoms may be eased by helping you to come to terms artistically and powerfully with this new chapter in your life.

Color affects the mind, body and spirit. Trained color therapists work with the principles of colors to bring about valuable healing during menopause.

There are many alternative practices for dealing with menopause. With this type of therapy, a light being shone on the unclothed body, colored silk squares worn next to the skin, or colored clothing/underwear all in turquoise and magenta may help with balance.

Magenta is the connection between red (energy) and violet (healing) and may help out in calming hot flashes that a woman may be suffering.

Yellows may improve poor concentration, as this is a good stimulator and balancer of the nervous system and mental processes.

Color therapists choose the following colors as an alternative hormone replacement therapy:

Blue is a cooling, soothing color used to increase vitality and energy. It helps relieve menstrual difficulties and nervous irritability.

Yellow, the color of joy helps to soothe the emotions and relieve depression. It is used for mental fatigue and for stimulating activity.

Green is the color of energy and youth. It stimulates the nervous system and soothes the emotions. It is used to treat exhaustion, irritability, sleeplessness and nervous disorders.

Blue foods include plums, grapes and blueberries. Blue metals and chemicals include copper, lead, oxygen and tin.

Yellow foods include bananas, banana squash, eggs, yellow cheese, yellow corn, yellow sweet potatoes, pineapples, lemons, grapefruit and butter. Yellow metal and chemicals include platinum and magnesium.

Green foods include green vegetables, peas, beans and lentils. Green metal and chemicals include barium, chlorophyll, nickel and sodium.

By Lydia Austin

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