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Light Sensor Picture

LED motion sensor lights are found virtually anywhere. They have become important accessories in our houses and buildings to protect ourselves from possible harm and danger. These lights contribute in making our lives easier and more efficient.

Just imagine not needing to locate switches in dark places. All you have to do is just move around and the lights will turn on. Or even yet, imagine being able to detect any potential harm that might be on the way, the lights will turn on and can even set off an alarm. Burglars are going to think twice before they approach your house with flood lights beaming in their eyes.

During the 1940′s, Samuel Bagno introduced this technology to military facilities. He also started doing research on ultrasonic alarm systems and radar sensors. His invention deals with an ultrasonic alarm that sets off when waves are created inside a room or covered area. Hence, any disturbance in the wave patterns causes the alarm to trigger. These sensors are known as “active sensors.”

Bagno’s invention has influenced the making of motion sensitive lights and security systems which are also known collectively as “passive sensors” because it only detects (infrared (IR) energy. Laser and IR technology is what you use for optical detection technological advances.

Motion sensors are used mainly in detecting illegal entry and other security purposes. It is also used to detect objects in motion that could trigger cameras and record images where movement was detected. It is very valuable tool used to save electricity and energy because you do not have to switch any lights when you are not around your house all the time and away for work or vacation. So in this case it will function as a 24-hour security tool and also for your convenience when you get home.

These LED motion sensor lights are found absolutely anywhere and can be bought in local stores. You can have different models like outdoor sensors, solar powered, and even home sensor light switches. You do not have to go rummaging and tripping in the dark just to look for a switch. For smaller areas, these motion sensor lights are also used in areas such as in closets, cabinets, cramped attics or basements, etc.

By Pierce Zigney

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