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Light Switches Pics

As with every type of OCD out there, they are all disturbing. Some more than others. I can assure you however that what may be disturbing to one person may be normal to another. What I think you really need to think about with this type of OCD where it concerns light switches and the number of times your flick them on and off is that this can be easily beaten.

Here’s how:

when you feel the need to turn on or off a light switch a certain amount of times so that you can satisfy a compulsion that you feel, you need to realize that this is actually doing nothing at all accept maybe shortening the life of the bulb and wasting your time.

Ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?” I am sure you have already asked yourself that question along with questioning whether you are insane or not. I can assure you that if you are worried about this at all, you are not insane.

What you really need to do is when you feel the need to flick the light switch, simply refuse. Only put the light on when you need to see for an important reason, not to fulfill some ritual. Here is where you’ve got to be honest with yourself. You need to realize that when you know you are about to perform a ritual, you need to stop yourself in your tracks and say to yourself, “This is just a ritual and I refuse to do it!”

Take action: Refuse to turn the light switch on and off unnecessarily, period.

By Derek Soto

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