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Light Table Pics

Everything has to be perfect in your billiard room, starting from the table all the way to the billiard light fixtures you use. However, whereas the table is easy to find, the lights may be a bit tricky, especially if you have no background as to which ones there are. However, once you know more about the light fittings available, you can easily determine which will suit the room you need them for.

The first type of lighting equipment is Logo Billiard Lights. This is the most common fixture and can often be found in game rooms. These lights are usually found in original colors and are well known for throwing these colors all over the room. You can either purchase these off the shelf or customize them to match your pool table’s size and your room’s lighting requirements.

The other type of pool table lighting is Modern Lights. True to their name, these are contemporary in style and can easily enhance a modern game room’s theme. Besides providing light, modern lights manage to draw attention to the room, the billiard table and any other piece of furniture lit by it. One of the most common types of lighting equipment in this category is art glass Tiffany shades.

Tiffany style lights are classic yet modern. This chic illumination equipment is available in different colors to suit different themes. Plus, Tiffany designs can be classic with jewel tones, chains and frosted mosaics and metals. The design you choose depends on your room’s theme, so keep that in mind when browsing through, because they can be tempting acquisitions.

Finally, Traditional illumination equipment is more versatile in use, because not only can it be used in pool rooms, but also in other areas of the house like the kitchen or dining room. These lights can match any room’s design. Traditional lights which belong to the Tiffany or vintage designs can also add warmth to a room. In addition, those which come in chandelier designs or candelabra shades are decorative and add more class to the room.

So, now that you know what designs are out there for your pool table, all you need to do is find what suits your room and your budget. Some of these may be expensive, especially the Tiffany billiard light fittings, however, you can always hunt in auctions and garage sales for these, add a touch of paint, and voila! You’ll have your own new light fixtures.

By Amy Everet

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