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The latest LED daytime running lights have come to epitomize the latest in automotive design. The whole automotive LED lighting is very “in” now. LEDs are poised to add their own aesthetic ingenuity to the lighting mix. The added benefit besides the aesthetic appeal is the safety aspect of LED daytime lights. For certain car makes, such as Audi, as a result of LED running lights, they have become the most recognizable of the European automobile icons.

The LED running lights across the entire Audi model range, for example, are a testament to the lasting influence of solid, genius design. Critics will surely say that they’ve become played out, but Audi wouldn’t continue to offer them across the entire model range if customers didn’t approve. These lights are slowly becoming one of the most recognizable styling cues in the automotive industry and ones that you can notice coming towards you from more than a mile away. Regardless, if it’s night or day, they can be seen. I can’t think of any other car make which you can immediately recognize from those distances.

The fact that LED daytime lights, like those from the Audi model range, can attract eyes is a safety benefit. Since the 1970s, few studies were done internationally and the conclusion is that daytime running lights improve safety. LEDs are much brighter and as a result they can prevent collisions by making vehicles more visible to oncoming traffic. There are even laws in certain European countries like Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Norway that require all vehicles to operate the running lights on during daytime. Even Canada requires vehicles to be equipped with daytime running lights.

By Mark T Twain

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