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Lighting Design Picture

Just as the colours and materials that are part of an interior have a major influence on the general mood of the person, lighting is just as, if not, more important in defining the mood of the user of the space. It also impacts on perception, performance, security and safety.

In offices, a good lighting design can transform the efficiency of the staff and the general mood. Too dark or bright can have a real negative on your staff’s efficiency. Natural lighting should be incorporated wherever possible, incorporating the use of windows and skylights. Lighting control systems are now seen as a must. They can be pre-programmed to retain optimum lux output, not allowing individual workers to change as and when disregarding other workers. Additionally, they contribute to energy saving.

Restaurant and bar lighting is different and must be adaptable. Often the spaces are used both day and night, so a good lighting scheme is important to change the mood of the space. A good general mood lighting is required but accent lighting is often used. Wall washers, ceiling rafts, recessed lighting, coffers, floor sunken leds, are all techniques used to transform spaces. Lighting control systems are again very important in such spaces. The presets will be used frequently throughout the day and will change the mood of

the space immediately and without any time wastage.

LED lighting has been used for years. However, in commercial design, led’s have long been too expensive and out of the reach of an average job budget. Nowadays, those costs are being reduced as well as their performance, colour, and availability. The benefits include long live, a reduction of maintenance costs, low heat creation, a good choice of colours, and a huge reduction in electric bills (often up to 90%).

What is the benefit of getting a good interior/ lighting designer involved in a project from the start?

Employing a professional from the start can dramatically reduce the construction and equipment costs of the build. The professional will quickly establish a budget from specified and preferred items. This will encourage competition and thus reduce suppliers costs. A supplier direct who offers a lighting design scheme will solely use their products, those which will maximize their profits but not necessarily be the best for the space. A good lighting designer will reduce your operational costs through a manner of ways. For example, over lighting (often a problem in commercial spaces) will be addressed, reflectivity of surfaces can be changed to increase the brightness of the space, as well as designing good pre-programmable mood sets.

By Al Graham

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