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Outdoor LED lighting is quite popular during the Christmas season; however, it is becoming more popular throughout the year as well. The advantage of using these lights is that they are quite durable and are not that easy to break like the old glass lights our parents used to hang outdoors. LED stands for light-emitting diode. They use approximately ninety-five percent less energy than older styles of bulbs. These types of lights also last up to ten times longer.

This is also used in outdoor message signs, scoreboards and warning lights. They come in several different shapes, configurations and colors such as green, blue and red. These lights have been around for quite some time and have mainly been used as indicator lighting in various pieces of technology. Due to their popularity and overall energy efficiency, you can now find them in various residential and commercial lighting situations.

The price of outdoor LED lighting will continue to drop as the public becomes more and more aware of this technology. A sixty-watt incandescent bulb will last approximately one thousand hours where a two-watt LED bulb will last sixty thousand hours. You can see the huge difference in efficiency quite easily.

Due to the high costs of electricity, these days’ people would be wise to convert their exterior illumination to it. Many homeowners like to leave a light on outside all night so these people should notice a considerable reduction in their electricity usage. Environmentally conscious people will likely have already changed their lighting methods by now.

Another advantage of outdoor LED lighting is that the bulbs run a lot cooler that regular lighting. They do not produce heat energy, which means they are safe to the touch in case small children or pets encounter them. A light that does not produce heat is ideal for landscaping and near plants as well. These types of lights are manufactured as a solid unit so there is no glass or filament that could potentially break. They are resistant to shock, vibration and impact, which means they are much more durable than a glass bulb.

Before you purchase outdoor lighting for the coming barbeque season, consider outdoor LED lighting as an alternative to standard bulbs. You will be doing your pocketbook and the environment a big favor.

By Tom Houser

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