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Metal Halide Lights Pics

Metal halide lights are considered as high intensity discharge lamps and are mainly used for commercial use but they can also be used in residencies but as they operate under high pressure and temperatures you need to make sure that you have the correct fittings for the lights otherwise they are very dangerous and will not operate correctly. Places that you are likely to see metal halide lights include places such as a football stadium or athletics stadium where they have floodlights, they are also used in large warehouse and places where they need such high lighting.

The thing is these kinds of bulbs are a lot more efficient that the usual incandescent lights by using 24% of the energy it uses going direct to light whereas with a normal incandescent bulb only round 10% of the energy goes towards actual light. The problem is though that metal halide bulbs are not usually for general use lighting.

Another thing with metal halide lights is that they can take a little while before they reach their full light, this can take a matter of seconds or it can take up to 5 minutes for it to reach its full light as if it is being turned on after being off for a while all of the gases and electricity need to heat up, this can cause the lights to go through a few different colours as this is being powered up before it hits its full intense light.

If a metal halides start up gets interrupted then you will have to wait between 5-10 minutes before you are able to restart the bulb as the hot arc tube inside which powers the start up will be put out completely. One other thing is that a warmish light can take longer than a cold one to heat up and show its full light.

Metal halide lights have some dangers to human eyes and skin if they are broken or unshielded making them rather hazardous meaning that you should always make sure that they have a good life left in them and that there are no faults before using them.

Another problem with metal halide lights is that some types of them are susceptible to explosions when their lifespan is coming to an end. It is recommended that these fixtures are turned off for at the very least 15 minutes per week if they are in constant use so that you can reduce the possibilities of an explosion.

The life expectancy for metal halide lamps is usually around 6000 hours (2 years) so therefore you should always check them roughly every 6 months or so to just check that they are in good condition. There are also different types of metal halide lights that can last up to 20,000 hours, these bulbs would not need to be checked as often but still should be so that you can maintain them well and make sure they last as long as possible safely.

By Tony Savour

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