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Mini Lights Pics

Every once in a while, we all have a decorating project where you want to light a display, wreath, or centerpiece but you just don’t have access to an outlet. Or perhaps you need to answer the question – how can you decorate with mini lights without a lot of cords running across the table?

The simple and sparkling solution is to use battery operated Christmas lights. These handy lights aren’t just for the holiday months though. They can be used for anniversary parties, proms, dinner parties, baby showers, birthday parties, bridal showers, and weddings, to name a few events.

Battery operated mini lights are the ideal decorating choice for all of your indoor holiday events. Buffet tables won’t be just basic anymore. To truly dazzle your guests at your next dinner party, use groupings of these mini lights in and around the punch bowl. The light will cast a beautiful reflection against the glass, especially if the lights are dimmed. In order to lend dimension and interest to your holiday table, elevate Christmas centerpieces behind the food items. Add light by weaving battery operated mini lights into the foliage, hiding the battery pack inside the vase or container. The dessert table will look elegant when decorated with sets of battery operated mini lights.

Wreaths of all sizes are used in homes throughout the year simply beg to be decorated with clear mini lights. Multiple sets of battery operated lights are ideal for this application since the battery packs can be attached to the back of the wreath and out of sight.

You can use wreaths to adorn the walls of every room of the home. They’re the perfect addition above the fireplace and can be changed out to match the seasons. The battery operated Christmas lights add a romantic bit of light to the room, as well. While you’re at it, use a set of these mini lights along the mantel too for added ambient lighting. Don’t forget to add battery operated lights to the Advent Wreath on the table or dining room sideboard during the Christmas season.

Do you have a fireplace but don’t want to mess with burning real logs? If you don’t have an outlet handy, use sets of battery operated mini lights nestled in and around artificial logs to add a warm glow to your sitting room, den, living area, or bedroom.

Large mirrors are the perfect backdrops for sparkling mini lights. If you have a place behind the mirror where the battery pack could easily be hidden, try outlining your hall mirror or bedroom mirror with battery operated Christmas lights to dress them up for parties and special occasions. It’s a sweet way to bring a romantic touch into the bedroom. Your hallway will appear warm and inviting to your family and guests who visit.

I’m sure you’ve seen people carry interesting things on their heads or on their hats. Why not add some battery operated mini lights to your hat for the parade on the 4th of July? Or build team spirit during your next fun run with lights for every one on the team. Outfit your children with a few too. You’d be the talk of the folks on the sidewalk and your children will never forget the experience.

By Shellie Gardner

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