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Modern Lighting Pics

Modern styles of decor, fashion, home furnishings, and lighting all have a few things in common. Without knowing exactly what elements constitute a modern style, the average person usually possesses an implicit understanding what makes something modern. This article outlines what details or elements modern furnishings, lighting, and decor have in common while addressing the often blurred lines between contemporary and modern styles.

As a style, modern decor and furniture designs stem from the German Bahaus School of Design & Scandinavian Modern Design. The style is characterized by the colors, finishes, and architecture of the room or object. Modern styles are often confused with contemporary styles and often times you’ll find the phrases are used interchangeably. This is a common mistake. By definition, contemporary describes “of the moment” items. It is dynamic and ever-changing. Modern refers to styles developed in the mid-century.

Modern furnishings and lighting utilize natural materials and neutral colors. Given the neutrality of the colors used, the design of the item itself, whether it’s a teak coffee table or an arc floor lamp takes center stage. Contemporary styles are much more liberal in their use of color.

Sleek polished finishes, chrome and stainless steel in particular, are most popular among modern decor. You’ll often find sofas and end tables accented with smooth polished surfaces, another indicator that the piece most likely falls into the modern as opposed to contemporary category. Materials and finishes in contemporary pieces create a warm feeling as opposed to the cold and sometimes sterile impression left by modern items. Finish is particularly important when selecting modern lighting pieces. The finish often reveals whether the fixture is truly modern or contemporary.

Modern furniture and lighting fixtures typically boast angular shapes with long low lines. This contrasts greatly with traditional styles which use softer, rounder shapes. These pieces are often considered statement pieces as they call attention to their sharp and sleek designs.

To summarize, modern and contemporary styles are often confused with one another, but they are distinctly different. Contemporary designs are governed by fewer rules than modern ones. Modern styles utilize specific colors, finishes, and geometric shapes. Modern pieces give off a cool, sleek feel while most other styles give off a sort of warmth. When shopping for modern lighting and furnishings pay close attention to the lines and design of the product as well as the color. These details will always give you insight into whether a piece is truly modern or contemporary.

By Luciana Lucy

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