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Modern Lighting Picture

Designer Tejo Remy is hot and so are his lighting designs. The Dutch designer, Droog, features many of Remy’s designs around the world, giving a modern lighting crowd an artful experience with illuminating excellence. Always focused on the permeable boundaries of sustainable design, Remy proves that reclaimed and everyday materials can indeed delight us to reduce, reuse and recycle.

The famous Milk Bottle light, by Remy, invokes a simple sense of 50′s-era nostalgia. This striking product can be manipulated into a variety of lighting solutions. Capable of changing perspective wherever they are utilized, these lamps can both charm and inspire our personal living spaces. The single Milk Bottle lamp hangs independently, casting a subtle glow. The Droog Milk Bottle Chandelier is a collection of twelve individual bottle pendants, combined into one unusual light fixture. The chandelier works best in spaces that echo its shape, mainly hallways, dining rooms or above kitchen islands.

A must for worldwide designers, this year’s “A Touch of Green”, held in Milan; found Remy’s functional and contemporary designs one of the most popular in lighting designs. Founded in 1993, Droog’s has offered many innovative green design ideas, bringing displays of award winning design to the public through practical and simple solutions, finding the brightest and the best of designers, artists and engineers.

As a design collective, Droog expertly taps the talent of other talented young designers including Rody Graumans. Selected for inclusion in Droog’s first design collection, Graumans’ 85 Lamps Chandelier was also chosen for the permanent collection of MoMA as a testament to its design ingenuity, economy of form and minimalist aesthetic. Comprised of a simplistic array of 85 individual 15-watt bulbs and a bundle of black cords and sockets, the collective effect of these simple bulbs is a stunning display of light. Used in many museums, this timeless piece can also serve as an amazing contemporary addition for the living room or dining room with its splendor.

With his striking background in environmental and industrial projects, another noted designer, Arian Brekveld, contributes to the Droog lighting line with the Droog Soft Hanging Lamp. Brekveld’s use of flexible PVC turns a seemingly traditional lamp into a safe and soft modern object, never one simulating what most of us consider as plastic. Formed as a tasteful globe, the material leaves any guest guessing as to its material.

Droog continues to light the way with the newest innovative green design ideas, remaining at the forefront of modern lighting design trends. Recognizing that creative design enhances human experience, alters reactions and energizes performances, consumers have learned to count on Droog for their recognition of the mental or human side of sustainable design.

By Patrick L Mahoney

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