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Patio Lighting Picture

Many homeowners today put as much thought into the design of their patios as they do the overall design of their home. Outdoor living spaces have become a must have in modern homes and some patios are truly nothing more than rooms that have less than the standard four walls. But, I still see homeowners that fail to prepare for the use of their patios once night fall arrives. Why not make that outdoor area one that has no limitations as far as the time of day it can be utilized. With the proper outdoor patio lighting, this goal can easily be accomplished.

Often times, people will just not think of installing the proper lighting on their patios as they believe the vast majority of the time spent there will be during the daylight hours. However, with the many amenities included in these outdoor living spaces, people tend to spend much more time there than they originally intended and this time most definitely includes the night time hours. Just like any other room in a home, a patio requires different levels of lighting depending the activity taking place at the time.

Suppose you have a few friends or family members over for an evening cookout. The area where the food is being prepared will require a much different lighting level than the area where your guests are gathering for the conversation on the latest current events. The food prep will require brighter direct lighting that is best accomplished using task lights installed in the ceiling above the grill. After all, no one wants to eat an under cooked hamburger that was caused due to poor lighting. While the lighting in the conversation area will be much more subdued and may be easily accomplished using some type of lamp or lantern.

Once you begin to consider lighting for your outdoor porch or patio, you will find that there are many different types of lighting at your disposal. By incorporating lighting into the original patio planning, you will more easily be able to install any type lighting you desire. Can type recessed lighting on dimmer switches in the ceiling of a patio are a great choice since the amount of light can be altered when necessary. The same can be said for recessed lighting installed in railings or even a deck floor. Lamps, lanterns or candles make for great, subtle lighting in areas where no task lighting is necessary. You can also find lanterns that serve the dual purpose of lighting and repelling insects. If you live in the South like I do, this is a great way to accomplish both needs.

Just remember when you light your patio, that a little light can go a long way at times. No one wants to have to squint due to the lighting being too bright while they sit and relax with their favorite beverage when enjoying the company of friends. If you simply treat your patio like any other room in your home, I am sure you will develop an outdoor patio lighting plan that will meet the needs of you and your family and make your next evening get together one that will create memories that will last for many years to come.

By L. Michael Clark

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