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Pendant Light Shades Pics

If you have a foyer area around your front door, you might want to use some multi light pendant lighting as the light fixture. The multi light pendants come as hanging light fixtures and are available in several styles. You could choose a chandelier style fixture that comes with two or three glass lamp shades attached to a brass or gold plated base. These are more elegantly designed and work nicely in a formal entryway. If you have a modern designed home, you could choose the more streamlined version of the pendant lighting to use.

Lighting fixtures such as the American fluorescent Aria 3 light linear style is very modern in appearance. The multi pendants hang in a line and the shades are elongated cone shapes. Many of the modern designed lights that incorporate the pendant hanging style also use energy efficient bulbs in their design.

These styles are not only eco-friendly but meet the ratings of the Energy Star qualifications. The modern styles come available in designs composed of chrome or black metal. They are finished with a high gloss shine to make the fixtures truly beautiful in design.

The multi light pendant lighting generally comes in one two or three light styles, but can be found with as many as five hanging lights. The higher number of lights can be found on the designs that are more contemporary and the shades are generally crafted to be smaller or thinner. You can also find the styles of the pendant lights available in antique designs with wrought iron or brass frame work.

By Ramsey Lynn

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