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Pendant Light Shades Picture

I can think of few rooms in the house where flush mounted ceiling lights would be preferable to pendant lighting fixtures. Even if you fit a wall dimmer switch, those old-fashioned ceiling lights are unattractive and unforgiving. They do nothing for a room and nothing for the inhabitants of it. Pendant lighting fixtures are so much more flexible. They hang down from the ceiling at whatever height is desired, and light the room in a completely different way.

Their flexibility is in the fact that they can be adjusted regarding installation height and this, coupled with the huge variety of shades now available, means that illumination can be far better controlled, according to personal preference and need. Pendant lighting is far more atmospheric and aesthetically pleasing than ceiling mounted lights.

If you need focus lighting – for stairwells or studies, for example, you can reduce the height of the fixture to give greater concentration of light, or choose shades with reflectors to enhance available light. Another great advantage of this style of lighting over ceiling mounted lighting is ease of cleaning and general maintenance (changing light bulbs etc). But by far the most important advantage must be in décor flexibility. The styles and choice of hanging lights now available is truly amazing. Interior (and exterior) lighting is an art form as serious as fabric and furniture design – and has been since Thomas Edison first invented the light bulb!

New designs for the hanging pendant light appear every year and designers are forever breaking new boundaries with materials and styles. Some of the more funky modern styles include a range by the innovative young designer, Jake Phipps, who used wool felt over a silver anodised aluminium frame, to create a set of bowler hat designs that look exactly like the real thing and have to be seen to be believed. Another funky modern idea is the use of suspended acrylic bars in five different colours, called ‘Spectrum’, which is surprisingly inexpensive for such a stylish and modern design. You may like funky, but have you ever considered a wooden light bulb? Lighting Styles has a laser cut wooden bulb hanging light, shaped exactly like a glass light bulb but with an entirely new meaning – and glow. I can’t imagine what Thomas Edison would have made of that!

Modern does not have to be funky, of course. Chandeliers have been lighting up rooms for centuries and have always been great favourites. Nowadays they have reached new heights of stylishness and modernity whilst still retaining the essential characteristics of the chandelier. The Tiffany flower chandelier combines traditional elegance with up-to-the minute style to illuminate any room from the fussiest teenager’s room to the cool and elegant dining room. And speaking of fussy teenagers, the modern trend in kitchen lights is to use billiard table lighting over workstations or breakfast bars – something they are bound to find really cool!

By Amy Everet

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