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Recessed Can Lights Picture

Recessed lighting as the name suggests, is lighting fixtures that recess into walls, with just the light being thrown out. No other part of the fixture is generally on display. Recessed lighting fixtures use concealed wiring and need to be planned for during construction.

There are three basic parts in recessed lighting fixtures the trim, the housing and the lamp. The kind of trim selected will have an effect on the kind of lighting produced. The use of reflectors enhances light production, the use of baffles minimize glare and reduce brightness and the use of adjustable and directional fittings can maximize usage by rendering the fixture versatile.

Recessed lighting fixtures are mounted above the ceiling so as to give a flush undulating look. These fixtures use narrow spotlights or wider angle floodlights. Both these light sources have their own reflectors. Depending upon the type of fitting placed inside either common or energy saving bulbs can be fitted inside these fixtures.

The use of incandescent and halogen recessed housings makes recessed lighting fixtures very economical. Dimmer controls can be used for controlling the amount of light produced. For high ceilings fluorescent housing is considered best as it provides a good amount of lighting and is energy efficient too. Low voltage recessed housings are also used to provide precise accent lighting. Several rules and regulations govern the installation of recessed housing and related insulation. Home owners should ensure that their construction adheres to these regulations for the purpose of safety.

Recessed lighting provides subtle and elegant lighting to a room. Elegance does not make it expensive and several recessed lighting fixtures are quite affordable. These fixtures provide low key illumination that adds a touch of drama. This kind of an effect enhances the ambience of the area that is lit up.

Recessed lighting fixtures are also referred to as can lights or pot lights. The use of these names refers to the fact that the light source is contained in a can or pot like container. Embedded in the ceiling recessed lighting fixtures are downlights with the light from the fixture being focused or diffused upon whatever is below.

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