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Recessed Floor Lights

If you enjoy hosting parties outdoors on your deck, lighting becomes a major issue that must be addressed. You would not like for the party to have to end as darkness begins to fall due to the lack of deck lights. Even if you are not hosting parties, the proper lighting of your deck will serve to increase the amount time the area can be enjoyed by you and your family as well. When you think of lighting your deck area, think in terms of the whole outdoor area such as an adjoining patio or pool that may be an extension of your deck.

When planning the installation of your deck lights, do not limit yourself just in terms of the enjoyment of the area. Give ample thought to the safety of the deck and surrounding area as well. Be sure your guests see your steps by installing low voltage embedded lighting in the stair risers. Also place lighting so that posts and railings are easily distinguished and enhanced for their architectural addition to the look of your deck. Do not forget the paths and walkways that lead up to your deck area, as your guests will likely utilize these quite often as they go and come during the course of an evening event.

In order to install an adequate lighting scheme, you will find that you require different types of deck lights to accomplish your plan. You will find that outdoor deck lighting comes in a variety of different style fixtures such as post top lights, pathway lights, recessed lights and pathway lights. All of these type systems are available in low voltage models utilizing LED light bulbs as opposed to the usual incandescent bulbs found in conventional lighting fixtures. The low voltage LED systems last much longer and are also much safer for use around heavily traveled areas such as your deck or patio. If electricity is a problem such as for the lighting of walks and pathways, many low voltage systems are available as solar powered units that are easily installed and provide the perfect amount of light to highlight those paths and walkways.

Another great way to provide subtle lighting for your deck without having an ugly light fixture distracting from the beauty of your deck is through the use of recessed floor lighting. These floor lights are recessed into the deck boards and are designed to be sturdy enough to walk on, as well as being waterproof so there is no need to be concerned about their use in the great outdoors.

Using a variety of different deck lights to provide for a quaint but safe atmosphere for your next party will give you one less thing to think about going wrong during that special gathering. You, your family and your guests will be safe, secure, and able to enjoy a nice relaxing get together that you can cherish and talk about for many years to come. Continue reading

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