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Recessed Lighting Insulation

There is a family in Florida that was uncovered to friable fiberglass that has caused a significant wellness problem for the family members. The wife recently had a infant and was worried about an itching on the skin experience that she and the other members of the family members were acquiring. The family of 5 experienced a variety of eye, ear, skin, and respiratory problems. She was also complaining about a great deal of white dust particles all more than her furnishings and personal possessions.

Six months prior to this time, the loved ones had a certified Insulation Contractor blow in additional insulation on top of their current Builder installed Batting Insulation. They needed to conserve cash on their electrical invoice and assumed this was the correct way to go. Even the Energy Business acquired into the act by offering them an incentive award to increase the R Value of the insulation of the house. Sounds excellent isn’t going to it. Well this is only the beginning of a nightmare for this loved ones.

We have been referred to as in to do an Indoor Air Quality Investigation and discovered that they had the outdated fashion recessed lighting in the ceilings. There have been approximately 20 of these fixtures. The difficulty with the aged style lighting was: there were four slits on the attic side which permitted the heat of the lights to dissipate. These slits have been three/eight” X two” extended. This equates to roughly a 2″+ hole in the ceiling at every location. Multiply this by 20 lights and you get a forty” hole in the ceiling total. Wow, that’s a large hole in the ceiling. These holes prevented the lights from overheating and causing a fire. This is a excellent idea for a fire hazard, but a negative idea for Indoor Air Top quality and Blown-In Insulation. The one particular requirement with these aged type lights was you could not cover them with Insulation Batting. We discovered several recessed lights with Blown-In Insulation covering them and inside of the lights also.

Right after undertaking a number of air and tape samples, sending them to a lab, the results came back optimistic for fiberglass in the air and surfaces of areas tested. The first issue we requested the consumer do was to eliminate and set up the new sealed recessed lighting in the home. They employed a certified Electrical Contractor, eliminated all the fixtures and solved the air intrusion problem from the attic. That was only the beginning of the fix, then they had to HEPA Vacuum and thoroughly clean everything in the residence to eliminate the friable fiberglass particles on the surfaces.

How would you like to reside this nightmare for above one 12 months because of to the incompetence of one particular contractor who did not believe the job via?

This is only one instance of what is going on in our building market because of poor organizing on the part of the contractor. Keep in mind, you get what you pay out for the low bid isn’t usually the proper individual for the career.

If you choose to include insulation to your attic, verify with the Insulation Manufacturer and see what their specifications are just before hiring any person to do the career. Have your attic checked out initial to see if there are any holes top into the attic that can enable air intrusion into your residence. If you do this, you will not be faced with this type of issue.

Next on the record, have the duct perform checked for any type of leakage and sealed. Verify all your electrical fixtures in the ceiling and seal them. Make certain the person who does the repairs is competent and knows what they are doing or it will impact you in the extended term.

Caution: Follow all local Creating Code specifications. Give them a get in touch with and talk to them.

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