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Recessed Lights Kitchen

Today’s post on our kitchen remodeling issues the numerous lighting we chose for our kitchen: recessed ceiling (pot) lights, below-mount counter lighting and pendant lights.

Now, our kitchen initially had a single light in the center of the ceiling. Given that we live in a bungalow we have been encouraged by the two our kitchen designer and our primary contractor to go for recessed ceiling lights.

With use of a dimmer switch we could manage the amount of light as a mere touch of our finger tips. This also allowed us to conserve the energy consumed through this lighting by only having the total brightness when necessary.

As nicely, relocating to a set of 6 recessed lights spread during the kitchen ceiling would offer enough lights for the general kitchen location. If want be, we could even alter every light and have it a bit angled to offer it really is disbursed light in a a bit various direction. These lights had been bought at the neighborhood big box building offer shop.

Next, our kitchen area designer advised that we think about pendant lights above the island. This would offer more direct lighting when getting ready the meal (which would typically be carried out on the island).
Nonetheless, we needed the visual focal level of the kitchen to be the quartz counter leading and the solid wood flooring. So, we necessary to be cautious that the pendant lights have been not visually obtrusive however supplied the immediate lights required throughout meals preparation pursuits.

The pendant lights we chose appeared originally too small when initial installed. Nevertheless, since we had never previously had pendant lights it was a issue of us comprehending their operate and use. We are now extremely cozy with them and are make sure you with out variety. They can also be raised or decreased by about 18 inches very effortlessly (even though you need to do this cautiously not to scratch the coating of the light shaft).

Next, the under mount accent lighting over the counter tops. In our previous house we had the ‘old fashioned’ kind of fluorescent tubes which if not installed correctly can have a continual and irritating humming audio when in use. We had seen in some design and style shops an alternative called ‘puck’ lights which is the same form and comparable size of, properly, a hockey puck. The drawback with these ‘puck’ lights is their energy usage.

We chose for the below mount accent lights compact fluorescent lights. Not only were all 4 of these lights managed by one on / off switch on the wall but each and every also had its personal on / off switch. At times they supply as well a lot lighting so we can turn the one above the counter top beside the refrigerator off although the other folks can continue to be on.

The electrician who aided our main contractor with the rewiring in the residence advised that we might want to think about inserting lights on leading of the cabinets which did not go all the way up to the ceiling comparable to the beneath-mount lights. These lights, he stated give off a really good indirect lighting effect. We nevertheless may well do this. But for now, we felt we had sufficient to do with the overall renovation so we passed on this suggestion.

We wish you have loved our evaluation of the different lighting in our remodeled kitchen. Continue reading

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