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Recessed Lights Picture

The ambiance of any room is usually influenced by its lighting design. You would notice that the kind of lighting you choose might have an effect on how big or small the room appears to be. Another thing is that recessed lighting, which is very popular nowadays, provides varying benefits.

Recessed lighting can be installed in ceilings, walls, stairs, floors and under kitchen cabinets-wherever accent lighting is desired. Their versatility provides people with advantages you might want to enjoy. To give you an idea, here are a number of perks:


Recessed lighting is a hit mainly because it needs low voltage light bulbs. Obviously, these types are a lot cheaper. The design of this lighting option would not require the use of expensive materials. As such, switching would always be cost-efficient.

Easy to Install

If you’re pretty handy around the house and like tackling do-it-yourself projects, the installation process can be a relatively simple task. That said, when it comes to electricity, it might be best to bring in an electrician depending on your skill and comfort level around wiring. Next, you may want to maximize the look of your fixture. You can pick a color that compliments the space as some recessed lights have color trims. The width of the light is also a consideration depending on the size of the room.


Your kind of recessed lighting can be used as the sole lighting option for a particular room. But aside from this, you can also trust these lighting types to provide accent to a design. For example, you can have recessed lighting on a specific corner for illuminating your couch area. Most often than not, recessed lighting improves the whole lighting scheme of a room.

Soft on the Eyes

The major problem with regular lighting is that it becomes too bright. This stimulates pains on the eyes too. Recessed lighting provides a variation during slow periods. With them, you can choose to go with soft lights at specific time periods. Aside from this, a recessed fixture for lighting also emits romantic and cozy vibes that you can benefit from.


Another plus point for recessed lighting is that it is easy to customize. So much so that you can have the covers and shades replaced to a color and shape you want. This gives you the benefit of changing lighting themes as often as you like. For instance, you can put on bright-colored covers during home parties. Additionally, adding some string lights would infuse the lively vibe you need for partying. Don’t be afraid to play around.

By Oggi Sparks

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