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Recession Picture

Our economy is in turmoil in the Unites States and this turmoil is spreading world wide. Understanding what is happening can sometimes seem like it is much too complicated. However, you can get a basic idea of a recession definition and the causes of an economic recession.

Recession Definition

An economic recession is a situation in which a nation’s gross domestic product or output is maintaining a negative increase for at least two successive quarters or six months. The decline in the economy lasts for more than just a couple of months. This decline also lasts from eleven months to possibly up to two years. A situation which is short lived is known as an economic correction. However, a prolonged recession becomes what is known as a depression.

Causes of Economic Recession

There are complex reasons in addition to simple causes as to why economic recessions occur.

One example is when consumers lose interest in purchasing products. Before a recession, there will usually be an overproduction of products causing supply to exceed the demand of goods. This will drive companies to increase prices, which in turn causes consumers to lose confidence and decide to decrease spending.

Some economists indicate that an economic decline could be caused by events that have a large effect on the economy. Certain events that harm specific companies or industries could likewise induce a recession, such as what is currently happening with the banking, credit and mortgage industries.

Over consumption may also be another reason for a recession. Spending more than what is necessary can contribute to debt. Debt can affect the amount people have in savings an what they have available for disposable income. Economic experts have been advising for years that the United States government as well as the people of this country should be more careful with their consumption and spending in the future.

Government economic policies could be used to fend off problems with the economy, but failure to allow for effective policies can have detrimental effects. If efforts are not effective, those policies could cause the economy to boom and then bust and then lead to inflation. When the policy makers do not pay attention and fail to address to the increasing inflation at the beginning of a recession, and think of it as a slow down in economic growth which will correct itself, additional economic disasters can occur and spread world wide.

Although there are several causes to bring about a recession, the hardest part is recovering from the affects of the economic turmoil. However, there are steps each person can taken to help lessen the impact the economy can have on them personally.

By A. C. West

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