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Cleaning traditional wall lights is unfortunately more difficult that cleaning table or floor lamps which can be easily moved. This is because of the obvious and unavoidable fact that they are attached to the wall. However, cleaning your traditional wall lights is an unavoidable task which needs to be carried out on a regular basis in order to ensure that they remain in tip top condition.

As is the case with many household objects the key to good cleaning of traditional wall lights is little and often. Very gently dusting the fittings with either a feather duster or a lint free cloth is the best way to keep your fitting clean, whether it’s wood or brass.

Every now and then you’ll have to clean the traditional wall lights a little more thoroughly. Begin by very carefully removing the shades. If they are glass then you will be able to wash them with a damp cloth in warm water with standard household detergent. If they are fabric then a specialist cleaner or the sort of washing liquid you use to hand wash delicate clothes will be in order.

You will then also have to clean the fixture. The product you use will again depend on the material. If it is brass, use specialist brass polish and likewise, if it is wooden use specialist polish for wood.

Before returning the shades to the fixtures make sure that they are totally dry, as to put wet shades on the fixtures would pose a safety risk and could stain the fixture.

By Jess Moss

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