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Wall Mounted Lights

Most often, renovations to the home involve new flooring, painting, wall surfaces, countertops and cupboards. Few people think to invest in the lighting used to make their living space appealing and practical. Proper arrangement of lighting fixtures assists in highlighting the features of the home and provides necessary illumination in work spaces. The placement of certain types of lighting also adds to the atmosphere of the home.

For example, in a room with few windows or limited sunlight during the daytime, shadowed corners can be lit with several types of contemporary lighting fixtures. Recessed lighting is unobtrusive while allowing the homeowner to accent decorative items or plants. Wall-mounted lights brighten even the gloomiest day. The important things to keep in mind while planning your home lighting is the type of room, the activities that occur there, and the decorative theme of the room. There are several types of lighting to enhance the home and maintain functionality. According to most interior designers, there are three main types of lighting.

In work areas, such as the kitchen or den, task lighting is necessary. Brighter lights spaced appropriately prevent shadowing that hinders the work at hand. In kitchens this usually involves ceiling fixtures in combination with under-cupboard lighting for darker areas. Fluorescent lighting fixtures are commonly placed above sinks and mounted underneath cupboards to facilitate food preparation and clean-up when the meal is done. In a den, home office, or hobby room, desk lamps can be used to illuminate specific areas with ceiling fixtures to light the remainder of the room. In these areas it is important to highlight main features in the room, such as ornate desks, library shelves or displays of finished hobby projects. In this way, a functional room also becomes a showcase of personal interests or accomplishments.

When brighter lighting is not needed, accent lighting still highlights treasured features of the home. Contemporary lighting fixtures for this purpose include flush-mount ceiling and wall fixtures, adjustable track lighting, and decorative floor and table lamps. Spacing of the lights and the items or furniture they highlight will add character to the room as well as allowing the occupants of the home to safely navigate to their favourite area. You can highlight features of the room such as beams in the ceiling, wall art, usual furniture and much more, the choice is yours.

No matter what space you’re working with, lighting can make all the difference when it comes to the look and feel of the room.

By Lucy Tomkins

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